It is the new of the day: Antonio Tejadonephew of Maria del Monte, has been imprisoned without bail this Monday after being considered the mastermind of the violent robbery that his aunt suffered last August and whose losses were quantified at 650,000 euros. He wouldn't be the only one: three months later, they broke into his house. Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. The Sevillian was arrested last Saturday and the agents found jewelry, wads of bills and even a Manila shawl at his home.

This Monday, the Civil Guard shared the first images of the arrest of Antonio Tejado and his cronies. The alleged thieves were in two houses, which the agents entered by force. They found all kinds of valuable objects, such as various jewelry and high-end watches. There was also a garment bag with a Manila shawl inside and thousands of euros in 50 bills, as well as a balaclava and a jacket from the National Police Corps.

In these images, Tejado himself appears, handcuffed and with his head down. They claim that he seemed very cold and distant during those first 72 hours in the cells, but this Monday morning, after testifying before the judge, he burst into tears and even had to be treated for a mild anxiety attack. .

A devastated family

Both María del Monte and his wife, Inmaculada Casal, wanted to be very cautious after the news broke in the media. They affirm that they trust in justice and the presumption of innocence: “I am not one to suspect anyone, a judge will have to say that”, said the artist. “If you ask me how I feel, put yourself in my place and you'll know,” she commented.

And many claim that Tejado's arrest does not come as a surprise to María del Monte or the rest of her family, since the agents who investigated the robbery already warned: “This is someone very close to the circle.” The thieves did not search the house but went straight to the safe and other points of 'interest' that only a few knew about: “They knew where they were going and what they wanted. They took my mother's rings, earrings that my father gave me , my communion medal… Everything,” the singer revealed through tears five months ago.

Tejado now faces several crimes, such as robbery with violence or membership in a criminal gang, whose sentences could be increased to six years in prison.