Browns talk about quarterback Deshaun Watson’s injury that will end his season and how they will move forward.

Browns talk about quarterback Deshaun Watson’s injury that will end his season and how they will move forward.

The man said, “It’s very hard.” “It hurts, but I’ll continue to keep my ears above water, stay in touch in all the guys, and help them with as much as I can.”

After surgery, I need to focus on my recovery and make sure I’m doing everything I can to help the team while I’m not on the playing surface with them. I also need to get ready for next year.

The Browns said on Wednesday which Watson would have surgery to fix his throwing shoulder, which would end his season. On Monday, an MRI for his right shoulder showed that the glenoid had broken and moved.

After the Eagles’ 33–31 win against the Ravens on Sunday, Watson told the medical staff that he was having new shoulder pain after taking a hit within the first half.

Although Watson finished playing on Sunday, the Cleveland team said that after talking to their head doctor, James Voos, MD, and a top shoulder specialist, Neal ElAttrache, MD, this was decided that Watson’s injury needed surgery right away to keep it from getting worse.

Watson was put on injured shelf for the rest of the season. The Browns are hopeful, though, and Watson should be fully recovered by the start for the 2024 season.

NFL Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, will have surgery on his left throwing shoulder at the end of the season, stopping what was a great season.

This blow comes right after Watson’s great game toward the Baltimore Ravens, in which he played with an ankle injury and helped the Browns win.

An MRI on Monday showed a “displaced fracture of the glenoid,” which is a new injury that is not linked to Watson’s rotator cuff strain earlier in the season, according to general manager Andrew Berry.

Berry was hopeful about Watson’s return, saying, “The good news is the fact that we think the surgery will go well and that he’ll be ready to play in the 2024 season.”

“I still can’t believe it.” “I’m still trying to figure out everything,” Watson said on Wednesday. When I saw the guys in the locker room, I thought we were about to make a real run, and I still think we will.

It was all I wanted—to be there in person. It’s hard for me to keep everything in my head right now.

The Browns said on Wednesday that Deshaun Watson would have surgery to fix a broken shoulder blade, which would end his season.

Monday’s MRI showed that Watson had a fracture in the glenoid within his right shoulder that had moved.

The doctors on the team decided that Watson needed surgery right away to stop any more damage to his body.

He was picked in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4, while Watson was out with the rotator cuff strain.

Thompson-Robinson had a rough start that game. His completion rate was 19 out of 36, which was good for 121 yards. He also had three picks and was sacked four times as the Ravens won 28–3.

Thompson-Robinson, on the other hand, wasn’t sure he would start that game until a few hours before it began.

Watson had said all week he would play until a warmup before the game showed that he wouldn’t.

Thompson-Robinson was great in training camp and Cleveland’s preseason games before the Ravens mess.

So much that the Browns were happy to trade Joshua Dobbs for Arizona and make Thompson-Robinson there No. 2 quarterback at first, after Watson.

After the loss against the Ravens, the Cleveland Browns put PJ Walker in at quarterback and he went 2-1 while Watson was out with his first shoulder injury.

Walker led the Browns to wins over the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers.

Walker did throw an interception late in the game, though, which helped the Seahawks of Seattle beat Cleveland.