Browns start Flacco in place of Thompson-Robinson.

Browns start Flacco in place of Thompson-Robinson.

The rookie Dorian Thompson-Robinson, who suffered a concussion during the team’s loss to the Denver Broncos last weekend and is still under protocol, is replaced by Flacco, 38. On Friday, Cleveland declared Thompson-Robinson ineligible, allowing Flacco to get the start.

Deshaun Watson had surgery on his right shoulder last month, terminating his season, so the Browns had been operating without him.

This season, PJ Walker has already started two games and will provide backup for Flacco on Sunday.

Due to a shoulder ailment, Pro Bowl cb Denzel Ward will also be absent from Cleveland on Sunday for the second straight game. Playing will be Myles Garrett (shoulder).

In 2012, Flacco won MVP of the Super Bowl while playing for the Baltimore Ravens. On November 20, he signed with Cleveland. That action was taken one week following Watson’s throwing shoulder fracture.

On Friday, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski stated, “Joe’s a pro.” “I’ve been around pros; he’s right up there. Joe does his job. Very, very intelligent.”

In 2022, Flacco made his New York Jets debut after throwing for 42,320 yards & 232 touchdowns in his career.

The possibility of starting again, according to Flacco, is “definitely exciting,” particularly considering that he spent the first half of the season waiting for a chance as an unsigned free agent.

“There’s so many things that add to it now, having little ones and feeling their excitement about it,” Flacco stated. “And when you’re away, it puts things in proportion a little bit.”

Less than two weeks after joining the organization, Joe Flacco is already the Cleveland Browns’ starting quarterback.

In Week 9, during a victory over the Baltimore Ravens, Watson suffered a shattered shoulder that required surgery, effectively ending his season.

Following the ruling out of rookie quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson due to a concussion, the Browns announced on Friday that Flacco will start Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

In the midst of a wild season at the Meadowlands, the 38-year-old Flacco made his final NFL appearance with the Jets of New York last season, starting four games.

He became the team’s fourth start quarterback of the season when he signed to play for the Browns on November 19.

Deshaun Watson led the Browns in scoring at the beginning of the season, but injuries forced Thompson-Robinson—a 2023 NFL Draft choice selected in the fifth round—and seasoned backup P.J. Walker each receive a start.

As the starting quarterback, Thompson-Robinson performed poorly in the teams’ defeats by the Pittsburgh Steelers or Denver Broncos, leaving the latter game early due to a concussion. He stays in the protocol for concussions.

After serving as the full-time starter for the Ravens for almost eleven years, Flacco has battled to maintain a starting position ever since a hip injury allowed Lamar Jackson to take over in 2018.

The following season, he was traded to the Denver Broncos, but midway through the season, he sustained a neck injury that ended his career, leading to his release.

Throughout the course of the following three seasons, Flacco was the backup quarterback for the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, and finally the New York Jets.

He saw nine starts and finished with 2,253 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, six interceptions, with an 81.5 passer rating. Up until the Browns signed him this season, he was a free agent.

For the handful of fans hoping that Flacco can save the Browns, none of that presents the best possible image, but an offense that is even somewhat competent would elevate the team to a genuine contender in the postseason.

With a 7-4 record right now, Cleveland is ranked first in overall defense, sixth in points allowed per game, and 21st in NFL yards gained. They also lead the league in offensive turnovers.