Broncano’s big hit: the operation with RTVE increases his salary by 50%

February 1, 2018 is far away. That day Movistar Plus+ premiered a ‘late-late-show’, The resistancewho came to serve as a youth and night owl complement to the millionaire Late Motiv of Andrew Buenafuente.

That show David Broncanowho had been building a career in space for several years Modern life from Cadena SER, among others, made a name for itself among youth thanks to the dissemination of its free and short videos that were broadcast on YouTube and, later, on TikTok.

But in 2021 Broncano suddenly became older: Movistar Plus+ stopped broadcasting more than half of the program for free through YouTube, which diminished the visibility of the space (which is around 50,000 viewers in linear viewing daily, according to with the sources consulted) and he started a production company, Encofrados Encofrasa, which took the helm of the creative part of the program.

This factory was established 3 years ago, due to another negotiation to renew the program and with the corporate purpose of being in charge of the “organization, direction, production, management, distribution, marketing and general exploitation of musical and/or dance shows , theatrical, cinematographic, television works, fashion shows, showrooms, and/or any other type of artistic representation, both in Spain and abroad.

The resistance It is their main project for Movistar Plus+, which also entrusted them with a second project, “which did not meet expectations,” say sources close to the platform. This space was Good jobwhich was conducted by three collaborators from The resistance, Marcos Grison, Candela Pena y Antonio Resines.

Encofrados Encofrasa, according to the accounts deposited in the Commercial Registry, lost 58 euros in 2021 and obtained a profit of 197,000 euros in its first full year, 2022. The factory invoiced 2.1 million euros and spent 1.5 million on its 10 employees, among whom are the 3 partners of the company: Broncano himself and his friends Jorge Ponce y Ricardo Castilla.

This trio, in addition to obtaining benefits as producers of this factory that bills for directors and scriptwriters, maintained their respective salaries as presenters and collaborators in front of the cameras paid by El Terrat, which bills just over 8 million euros to Movistar Plus+.

The Telefónica subsidiary, as it progressed Informalia, disburses 10 million euros per season and guarantees some stability for Broncano and company: 3 seasons. But Broncano would be happy to fly to RTVE, which in 2 years would pay what Movistar Plus+ pays in 3.

The trio is guaranteed to avoid the volatility of free-to-air television with an armored contract that will prevent RTVE from moving the program for 1 and a half years, and also the cancellation clauses (7.5% in prime time and 8% in late night). They demonstrate the public’s interest in maintaining this space.

Sources from the program recognize that Broncano will go from pocketing 2 million euros per season to exceeding 3. In addition, he will obtain great visibility by conquering a showcase such as La 1’s prime time access.

RTVE and avant-garde humor

RTVE is almost chronically subscribed to Jose Motaof whom they remember that when he left for Telecinco they did not find another comedian who would maintain a high audience level for them on New Year’s Eve.

Some voices from the public remember that the few times that La 1 has broadcast alternative comedy shows they have crashed with a bang. It was the case of the legendary team What a week of the Basque television ETB, which without luck jumped to the state broadcaster with the failed Made in China.

In recent seasons La 1 has also tried it with other formats such as Night Dwhich went from more to less with Dani Rovira o Eva Sorianoo Let’s get alongwhich became one of the big failures of 2023 when it was withdrawn after a single broadcast with Ana Morgade in front.

The channel most conducive to alternative humor has been La 2, which in the last three decades has broadcast programs such as The worst program of the week or the mythical Nui Girlwhich was carried out by the team of The chanante hour.

The vote

The new interim president of Spanish Radio Television Cascajosa Conception debuts in the Board of Directors this Thursday that decides on the purchase of the Broncano space, a political operation carried out by Informalia on February 28, and that a priori must change its name and lose its social networks (which are property of Movistar Plus+).

Cascajosa will have to rely on the 2 councilors proposed by Unidas Podemos, the one from the PNV, and obtain at least the abstention of the historic Ramon Colom so that her casting vote as president exceeds the sum of the 3 of the PP and perhaps that of Elena Sánchez, that perhaps he could also abstain because he does not agree with the position of the ‘popular’.