Bravo's second youth

Claudio Bravo emerged as the savior of Betis in his last match against Atlético de Madrid. His stops before Saúl and Correa once again reflected his good moment after having resumed a leading role under the command of Manuel Pellegrini. The confidence of the coach is one of the incentives for the goalkeeper, who alternated starts with substitutions this season due mainly to his frequent physical problems, which seem to have parked ahead of this final stretch of the season. After the derby, he took the lead over Joel Robles in a tough competition that kept the coach very much alive throughout this season.

Shield / Flag Betis

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of April 13, 2021

At 38 years old, he is one of the key assets for Pellegrini. He is so not only because of his contribution on the pitch, but also because of his weight in the dressing room.. His leadership ability was complimented on multiple occasions by his coach when he was out of the eleven and is a differential element when it comes to maintaining more firmness in the goal. Beyond some improved numbers throughout the course, his role in the last duels was growing and there is tranquility in Heliópolis that he can have continuity in these eight remaining days of the league tournament.

There is also a future with doubts on the table. His contract lasts until 2022, as does that of Joel Robles. All this with the shadow of the arrival of Rui Silva to settle in the verdiblanco goal of the 21-22 season. But Bravo is going through his second youth and wants more at Betis. His goal is to follow Pellegrini's orders, knowing that the figure of the coach is a great ally to continue having playing time. For now, his role is providential in the Verdiblanco team, without looking at a past of doubts or an uncertain future.