Braithwaite's plans to get to play at Barça

The Athletic It collects the road map that Martin Braithwaite has followed to get to Barcelona. The player says that since he came of age he has a diary in which he writes his purposes, dreams and ambitions. He acknowledges that he has always been an observant person and that he had drawn up a plan to succeed one day in the Santander League. After playing in Esjberg, Toulouse, Bordeaux Girondins, Middlesborough and Leganes has fulfilled a dream and now rubs shoulders with Messi, Suarez or Griezmann, among many other stars.


His diary: “I started the journal when I was around 18 years old and have really stayed with it to this day. I still continue to write in it.”

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* Data updated as of June 10, 2020

Middlesbrough: “I grew up as a person and as a player, with different styles and different coaches, so I always had something to learn. I have many good memories. I enjoyed my time there and how kind people are. I really enjoyed it with my family and The support from the fans was incredible. It was a really good experience. “

I dreamed of playing in Spain: “I always dreamed of playing in the League and for the most important clubs in the world. I had great ambitions in mind. I wanted to play in the biggest clubs in Spain and to be seen.”

From Esjberg to the Danish team: “When I was young, I just wanted to play for the local team, Esbjerg, from Denmark's top flight. So it was a dream to represent the national team.”

Play against the greats of Spain: “When I played against these teams I had some motivation to show that this is my level. I wanted to boast that I could compete against these players.”

It looked blaugrana: “When I watch games I always try to learn. I like to see the best teams play and I like to imagine later how I would play in them. Of course, I could see myself in Barcelona.”

Train at Barça alongside the best: “I love it. You have to be very focused and you develop so fast that I can notice the speed at which I am doing it. I am absorbing everything. I am someone who is always observing and looking to learn. In Barcelona you have to be very good with the ball and play in small areas. Workouts are based on that every day. You start in a stressful environment with all the people around you and you have to handle it. I can already feel how much I have developed in such a short time. “