Brain Callahan, the Titans’ new head coach, thinks he has found the perfect team.

Brain Callahan, the Titans’ new head coach, thinks he has found the perfect team.

During his introductory press conference on Thursday, the new Titans head coach showed some fire at other times. “That’s what I want to be,” I thought.

Callahan made one thing clear when pressed about what he wants to observe from his team regularly.

There were a lot of questions regarding the team’s roster, his coaching staff, and the challenges that lie ahead in making the Titans a contender again.

“You want those two traits in your team, and when you have them—if you’re tough and capable of handling the good as well as the bad—and if you keep going at work, at practice, and in every game, the results will come.

Callahan comes to Tennessee after 14 years of coaching in the NFL, the last five of which he spent as an offensive coordinator to feed the Cincinnati Bengals.

Callahan was a well-known candidate in the NFL, and after his trip to Tennessee, he was scheduled to go to Carolina and Atlanta. They were “resilient along with relentless,” Callahan said.

But Callahan decided to stay within Nashville because of the Titans. He said it was clear to him that the Titans were going to be the ideal match for him and his loved ones, and a deal was made between the two teams.

Callahan stated of the Titans, “It felt just like where I was (in Cincinnati).” I mean which in the nicest way feasible because I enjoyed living there. It was hard to stay calm because of how intense and driven everyone was.

That was one of the things that stood out to me when I came in for the interview on Monday. There are a lot of people here who want the Tennessee Titans to become a good football team.

“My coaching style remains constant, and my demeanor was pretty consistent,” Callahan told me.

“Being a great teacher is the first thing that makes me proud.” One of the most important things for a coach is to be able to teach and explain what the players need to do.

There is a lot of intensity in me. As you will see, I’m pretty chill most of the time, but I can step up and offer the energy that’s needed when it’s time to make changes. That being said, the way I coach is to teach.

During his first news conference on Thursday, Callahan said, “The way we’ve collaborated in Cincinnati, very collaborative.”

Zac and I have worked together for five years, with me being the offensive coordinator and him calling the plays. The process makes me feel great.

Taylor said that Callahan was a big part of coming up with the game plan. Says he’s already met with quarterback Will Levis, even though he just started the job a few days ago.

Taylor said, “He plans everything that has to do with it.” “We talk to each other all the time during game day.” That’s what you call plays. That’s what makes it an offense.”

According to Callahan, he wants to create an atmosphere for the Titans that is like the one he had in Cincinnati. He is going to hire people to help him make the game plan and make changes during the game and afterward.

The Titans are not looking for an offensive coordinator yet, and they haven’t asked to talk to any Bengals assistant coaches either. Troy Walters, who coaches wide receivers, and Brad Kragthorpe, who helps coach quarterbacks, are two good candidates.

“He had been working out today, therefore I got a chance to meet up with him,” said Callahan. “I’m excited to work with him. He has a lot of amazing physical skills that I can’t wait to go learn how to improve.

Callahan will use the knowledge he has gained from working with quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford, and Joe Burrow to help him with Levis.

He told the news conference he plans to be in charge of calling the offensive plays next season. He is the new head coach for the Tennessee Titans.

Callahan was the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals for five years, but he never took on that role.

The team’s head coach, Zac Taylor, called the plays. Callahan said that he will learn from his example as he tries to copy the setup and achievement in Cincinnati.

“Everyone has worked together a lot in Cincinnati,” Callahan said on Thursday. “Zac and I have worked together for five years, with me being the offensive coordinator and him calling the plays.” The process makes me feel great.