Brad Pitt responds to his son Pax’s accusations and points out Angelina Jolie: “It’s very frustrating”

The actor is very upset after his son Pax’s publication on social networks, in which he describes him as “a terrible and despicable person.” A message that he wrote three years ago but that has seen the light this week, showing that their relationship Brad Pitt and their children, seven years after their separation from Angelina Jolie, It’s still very complicated.

He Daily Mail this Thursday includes the statements of the actor’s representative, who assures that “he will never speak negatively about any of his children” and that he “goes out of his way” for all of them. He also states that this message is the “perfect example of parental alienation” and accuses Jolie of having ‘poisoned’ her children during these years: “She has been playing these games for years. Years and years have passed in which she has told and retold the same poisonous things about him and reality It’s just that it’s alienated the kids. And the reality is that it bothers Brad.”

He further adds that Pax’s message is “sad and frustrating because it doesn’t make things better” and that “even when what is said is bad for him, Brad only respects children’s voices.”

a broken family

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of the most stable and envied couples in Hollywood. They formed a large family in a few years with Maddox, Pax y Zaharawhich were adopted, and Shiloh, Knox y Viviennebiological children whose custody, being minors, Pitt and Jolie still share.

The separation occurred after a notorious and traumatic episode on the private jet in which the family was traveling and in which Pitt, allegedly drunk, would have insulted and shaken Angelina in front of their children. It was published that he even confronted Pax, the second of the brothers, when he tried to defend his mother.