Both Teams to Score Market in Tanzania by Tim Harrison for Inter Press Service

Both teams to score in the market is one of the most common betting options, and most online betting companies in Tanzania provide this wagering opportunity. The betting market requires both teams to score at least a goal in regulation time.

Inter Press Service spoke with Tim Harrison, a betting expert at BetZillion, about what both teams to score markets entail and strategies to employ using this betting market.

What does Both Teams to Score Market Entail?

The both teams to score betting market implies that the two competing teams in your bet must score at least one goal each for your wager to be successful. This market is prevalent in football betting.

In some sportsbooks, the bookmaker displays the market as “BTTS,” the short form for both teams to score. In addition, the sportsbook also gives you the option of “Yes” or “No.” If you choose “Yes,” it means you’re betting on both teams to score while choosing “No” indicates that you’re betting that one or both teams may not score.

However, it’s not compulsory that the result of the game must be a 1-1 draw when you bet on both teams to score.

It might also be:

  • 2-1, 
  • 3-2, 
  • 1-4, 
  • or 3-3. 

The most crucial factor is that both teams record a goal within 90 minutes of play. Your bet becomes lost if both teams fail to register a goal each, no matter the game’s scoreline.

In addition, both teams to score market frequently succeed for teams with quality goal scorers but a weak defensive line. Therefore there’s a chance that the same side will concede at least one goal due to their weak defense even when the team’s striker scores goals. So, it is always helpful to study both sides before making a prediction.

In addition, bettors can also wager on both teams to score the market during live games. 

Some bookmakers provide this option while a game is ongoing. If you decide to place a wager at this time, you need to be fast with it, as the bookmaker frequently changes the odds and locks the betting option, as it is for other options. To know more – check this video.

Types of Both Teams to Score Market

You can get variants for both teams to score options on most bookmakers in Tanzania. Let’s briefly explain a few.

Both Teams to Score Yes/No

It is the simplest to wager among the various teams to score options. You only need to decide if both teams will score or not. Here, you’re not bothered about the game’s outcome, nor have a favourite team.

You will win your wager as long as each side contributes a goal. However, if you’re betting on both teams not to score a goal, you will win your bet if just one side records goal(s) or the game sees no goal.

In addition, both teams to score betting option is best when both sides are under intense pressure to earn all possible points, or their strengths are almost equal.

Both Teams to Score and Win

While you have to wager that both teams must score a goal for this wager to be successful, there can’t be a tie. In other words, there has to be a winner between the competing sides despite both teams scoring goals. Scorelines like 2-1, 1-4, 2-3, and 3-1 are all possible outcomes for this betting option. 

In addition, the risk is higher here because you’re not only predicting that both teams will score a goal but also predicting the winner of the game.

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

Wagering on both teams to score in both halves of a game is tough, but the more challenging the decision, the higher the odds. 

This betting option means that at least a goal will be scored by each team in both the first and second halves of the game. The choice is suitable for teams that score a lot of goals.

Both Teams to Score Over/Under

Both teams to score over/under basically have to do with combining two distinct betting options. In this case, your prediction is on both sides to score and that the total goals will fall inside or outside a certain range set by the bookmaker.

For instance, you might predict that both teams will score and that the match’s overall goal total will be over 2.5, under 4.5, over 3.5, etc.

First Half Both Teams to Score 

This option requires that each team must score at least one goal within the first 45 minutes of play for your wager to be successful.

Second Half Both Teams to Score

This option requires that each team score at least one goal within the final 45 minutes of play for your wager to succeed. 

Strategies to Consider When Placing Both Teams to Score Bets

Before selecting the Both Teams to Score options on a particular game, you must consider several factors. Doing these will enhance your chance of winning your bets. Here are the strategies to consider.

  • Search for Bookmakers Offering BTTS Market

You must get a bookmaker that offers a variety of BTTS options, enabling you to explore. When you start using this betting option, it is the first step to consider.

  • Research and Analysis

It is usually advisable to research and analyze a game before betting. Statistics are beneficial in this situation as it assists you in making your prediction. Research and analysis give you a clearer idea of a game and expose you to things that are likely to happen in the match.

  • Look out for Key Players

Since scoring goals is the main focus of the BTTS market, it is crucial to always keep an eye out for significant players who may score during a game.

  • Look Out for High Scoring Leagues

Look out for leagues whose teams score several goals per game. In this case, there’s a possibility that you’ll correctly predict that a game will have a goal for each team.


Both teams to score market is a popular one in football betting. It is simple to comprehend and provides better returns than most betting markets because of the odds usually attached. However, it would help if you thoroughly analyzed the teams to ensure that each has a good possibility of scoring to win a BTTS bet.