Bosé recounts the passions that inspired his songs: “We breathed each other’s air”

This Friday has come to light Secret history of my best songs (Espasa), the new book by Miguel Bose in which the singer reveals what was behind some of his best-known or most successful titles. From the first great success of him, Linda (written by Facchinetti, Negrini, and Escolar, and translated from the original Italian), there by in 1977, passing through Bandit o Boys don’t cry a Under the sign of Cain and many others.

Miguel must have traveled to Spain to present this careful and luxurious volume, with which you can also listen to the songs while reading them using a QR code. But an untimely operation herniated disc has kept him in Mexico.

The son of Luis Miguel Dominguín y Lucia Bosé sang, chose or composed (not all of them are his) his songs inspired by the personal moment he was living, in love, passionate, sad about a breakup, saddened by wars and conflicts, aware of the anti-war, and the day he told the little girl Bimba Bose, his niece, what the devil was like, or fascinated by his emotions as a father.

In addition to the lyrics of each theme, the artist explains why and how the inspiration came to him. Bosé’s compositions are the story of his love, of his different sexual options over time. In the song This tells of a passion with a statuesque woman: “When I wrote it I was having an affair with a woman of unbearable beauty, the same age, perhaps a little older, owner of a body of outrageous proportions. An Amazonian golden goddess. I was never in love with her “I swear, but I do guarantee that I was infatuated. The expression was never more accurate. It made me an insatiable being, unable to say no,” says the 66-year-old singer.

In Nena, he describes another torrid love affair with a Costa Rican woman: “That love, made of heart and flesh, of promises and lies, and of whims, lasted a few years. The most pleasant, most harmonious of my life,” he recalls.

In Amapola, Bosé speaks openly about heroin, opium and morphine, about the slavery they cause. “The drug is everything for its addict”, warns the singer. In I would eat your heart he openly refers to a “highly passionate sexual act, shot in semi-slow motion,” he says.

In I can’t find a moment to forget, he dedicates his lyrics to a renounced passion with another man, “which while it lasted, was one of the most unforgettable I ever had,” he says. “Few were the days we spent out of that bed, there was no truce, there was no rest, we breathed the air to each other. Orgasms were sweet deaths that followed one another,” recalls the artist.

The last text of these surprising intimate confessions, referring to the song Estaré, is dedicated by Miguel Bosé to his sons Tadeo and Diego: “The moment you receive a child, a totally new garden of emotions opens up in front of you. At that moment you are ready for anything. To kill and to die. A son is that new part of you that you never thought would leave. And when he grows up, it won’t matter if he denies you: he has your hands embodied in his, if he lies to you or lie”, reflects Bosé. I will be, he says, “It is a legacy, a pact, a testament”, confess. “It’s the treasure map, it’s a father’s love for his children. Thank you for life. Dedicated to all fathers and mothers in the world,” she says.

And Miguel Bose Unpublished that goes from excesses to different forms of love, to end the most important thing in his current life: his children. I will be is his promise that they will always have him, he wants to tell them that he will never fail them.

Secret history of my best songs

In Secret history of my best songs, Bosé deciphers the intention of his lyrics and shows unpublished photographs and covers of his albums, while inviting us to listen to his songs through QR codes to accompany the reading. After his autobiographical book Captain Thunder’s son, the singer returns with this publication in which he focuses on 60 of his songs, including My freedom, Super superman, Don Diablo, Bandit lover, Nena, Bamboo o Morenamia.

“I am afraid that this book is going to break many illusions. Also stories rooted for a long time. I am sorry. It is not my intention or that of this compilation. But I think that, after so many years of license, the time has come to decipher the hidden secrets, those that I have been keeping in each of these 60 songs,” Bosé advanced.

“If dreams are broken or you fall into disappointment, don’t blame me. You could have perfectly jumped the page and stayed as you were,” he also warned.