Borrego’s daughter-in-law crosses the red lines: the prohibited audios against María Teresa Campos

As much as they want to hide publicly, Carmen Borrego y Terelu Campos they are more than upset with Paola Olmedothe wife of Jose Maria AlmogueraCarmen’s son. The public humiliation to which Borrego’s daughter-in-law has subjected them and the family conflict it has caused them will take a long time to forget.

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But the worst is not what has been heard. At least for both Carmen and Terelu. Both have asked the program management to please not broadcast part of the audios that have been recorded to Carmen’s daughter-in-law. They don’t want all of Spain to hear that. What is it about? What do those audios say?

As you have been able to find out Informaliathe part that has been censored at the request of Carmen and Terelu talks about Maria Theresa Fields. And “it hasn’t turned out well either,” they assure us. Paola Olmedo says the greatest savagery against the matriarch of the clan and grandmother of her husband. That is why her daughters have begged almost on their knees that this part of the recording not be heard. Not only because it is not in good taste to hear her mother talk like that, but because they want to prevent María Teresa herself from hearing it. That would sink her and her health, each day more diminished, could suffer.

Who is resentful of all this is, according to what they tell us, José María, the son of Carmen Borrego. He is having a really bad time and it is not explained how this could have happened. There are those who assure that deep down he also thinks the same, but he does not understand how her wife could have fallen into the trap of allowing herself to be recorded in her own nail studio, giving birth to the entire clan, including her mother-in-law. .

It must be remembered that both Carmen, Terelu and Alejandra are branded as “haughty”, “arrogant”, “ugly” or “uptight”.

Although on television they have wanted to resolve it by shelving the matter as if nothing had happened, they explain to us that Borrego “is very cool” and “it is something that he will never forgive.” “To avoid adding fuel to the fire, they have pretended that it has already been discussed and solved, but it is not like that,” they reveal to Informalia. “The upset has been monumental and this is going to cost the little girl from the fields a certain distance from her son.”

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However, Carmen never quite fit Paola for her son, but she is a “mother hen” and all these months she has been gutsy. She also did it at the wedding, although there with a clear motivation, because it was she who convinced them to do a succulent exclusive for which she got a good pinch, as we revealed on her day. But the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was practically nil. They had only seen each other a couple of times before the wedding and a couple of times after. Everything looks like they are not going to see much more.