Borrego tells what will happen to María Teresa’s personal belongings that do not go up for auction: “It’s something that all families do”

The death of Maria Teresa Campos He has left a huge void in his family. However, something more than her memories remains: her personal belongings. Carmen Borrego He explained this Wednesday how he distributed the belongings together with his sister Terelu and his niece Alejandra.

“Each of us has taken what we wanted,” Borrego explained on Telecinco, stating that this “is something that all families do.” “We have the things my mother wanted,” he added. And, although it has been “very hard” to notice the silence that has plagued the house these two months, there are assets in it that are very precious to the journalist’s family that deserve to be safe.

“I have found some writing from my mother and this is what has consoled me the most,” he acknowledged along with his niece, Alejandra Rubio, who has taken a suit and some books from the house. “Every time she went to her house she wrote down on a piece of paper the program she would like to do with me. I have it saved and I am very excited about it,” she recalled fondly.

The truth is that the daughters of the Malaga communicator are going through a difficult time. This was confirmed by Borrego after learning this Wednesday that she and her sister will auction some objects: “Terelu is like we all are. There are moments when we have to move forward and work.”

The historic presenter lived for rent in a 250 square meter residence near her daughter Terelu’s, in Aravaca. She moved much of her furniture there after selling her Molino de la Hoz mansion in 2021.

“It was very painful for my mother to leave her previous house, it took a toll on her. She went from a big house to a small one and got rid of things that didn’t fit. There are times when it doesn’t make sense to keep everything either. We have our houses set up. “His personal belongings will always stay at his family’s home and that’s how we wanted it to be without any noise,” he explained in this regard.

On the other hand, the presenter’s daughters are still paying the monthly rent for the house that they are now emptying, as reported. Week.