“Borré is very interesting”

At Atlético de Madrid they did not coincide, but it is striking that the one who will be Simeone's second coach from next season 2020-21, occupying the gap left by the Monkey Burgos, praise Santos Borré, a footballer who triumphs in River and whose half of the pass belongs to the rojiblanco club. The rumors about his return to Europe do not stop growing and the words of Nelson Vivas pour gasoline on them. His season has not gone unnoticed in Madrid.

He is a very interesting player. We have followed his campaign, as we usually do with all players. We know of his present good and that it is the patrimony of the club. Beyond that, I cannot give any information. We consider how well he has done, he is a very interesting player, “he adduced Libero in Argentina, although he adds, for lowering the flame that can be ignited: “But I don't know River's intentions

“He is close to going to Europe”

A River that pulls one of the soccer player's arms. Atlético, from another. A few weeks ago, Francescoli, sports director of the Argentine club, already expressed his fear before the rojiblanco club. “It is always a danger, as it was a danger to have an exit clause with Alario where there were clubs that if a player like that really interests them, they can pay it“expressed the Ole. The footballer's physical trainer a month ago, Jaime Pabón, was more categorical: “He set goals for himself that have been gradually fulfilled: being a starter at River, earning a position, reaching the national team, and Now another of those objectives appears to be close, which is to be transferred to Europe, although much stronger and more mature.Caio Henrique has already returned to the parent club. Will Borré walk the same path?