Borja Sainz stops Real

The alavesista quarry takes command with Borja Sainz and Martín Aguirregabiria, who gave three solid gold points to a solid Alavés against a mediocre Real Sociedad that cools his options for Champions. Glorious Victory, which takes 10 points away from the burning posts. The key move came in the 55th minute, when Laguardia got a good pass for Magallán – who could be offside – and, in the end, Borja Sainz sent the ball to the back of the goal. Their situation was also doubtful. That and the second yellow to Zaldua, who left Real with ten, greatly txuri-urdin. Odegaard was replaced in '65. He will arrive more rested against Madrid.

Alavés Shield / Flag

La Real was planted in Vitoria with five deep draws but Imanol found the solution with Zaldua on the right, Aihen on the left, the double pivot of Zurutuza and Zubeldia with their first-rate artillery at the forefront. Portu did not come out in the starting eleven, but Januzaj did. The speculations between Isak and William José remained in borage water and it was the second who jumped onto the Mendizorroza lawn with the empty stands. Consequences of a pandemic that was also seen in the shirt that the local team wore, honoring OSI Araba, the province's network of hospitals, residences, social services and outpatients. They have suffered a lot. “There is no football without a hobby,” read a banner at the bottom of the Sports Center. And, the truth is that this axiom was fulfilled in the first half. Only two clear occasions, one from each team and little else. Oyarzabal was able to make it 0-1 in the 10th minute and Lucas responded with a cross shot four later. Later, Duarte and Borja also warned again.

Shield / Flag R. Society

La Real could not find the button that activates their football and the people of Vitoria found themselves comfortable when the forces equalized. It is clear that re-taking the traditional 4-4-2 favors them and that the presence of Lucas and Joselu in the match – something that did not happen in Cornellá – makes the rival defenses tremble. What did not happen in the first half, was seen in the second. In 55, Alavés made his first goal, which initially seemed canceled. Then Lucas was able to make it 2-0 with a shot to the post. By then, Real had made four changes in a single stroke. Zaldua saw the red after two yellow in the 80, Pina also went to the street eight minutes later and, in 91, Joselu made the play of the night and Martín Aguirregabiria finished at the far post. Real's only clear chance had come two minutes earlier with a Llorente header.


Deportivo Alavés coach, Asier Garitano, pointed out after the victory of the albiazules against Real Sociedad that “the team has been more recognizable” and that they have taken the game where they wanted.

The coach pointed out at the press conference after the derby that they have made “Real feel uncomfortable” and congratulated his players for the game played. “Today we have made the party that we had spoken”, Asier Garitano affirmed that he recognized that the 1-0 gave them “peace of mind to believe” in what they were doing. He also considered that his team deserved the three points that also “give security” and allow them to be “happier to prepare for the next game”.

Asked about the time it took for VAR to resolve the action of the first goal, he said that they will get used to it, but admitted that when there is a need to score, “it takes a long time.”

“The offside seemed clear, then they told us it was very fair and although I have not seen it, I think if they have been so long it has had to be very fair”, reflected the Gipuzkoa, who recalled that the team was maintaining “a good line before the pandemic” and acknowledged that they had doubts about whether they could recover the level.

The coach said that his team has played “a great game” and has competed “very well” against an opponent who has hardly given them chances when he usually does.

To finish, Asier Garitano was happy for the goals of the youth squads Borja Sainz and Martín Aguirregabiria. “Martín is a player made in First Division and champion of Europe, but you have to go easy with Borja, his first goal is going to help him mentally and now he doesn't have to lower his training quality”, valued.

Imanol Sheriff

The coach of Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacil, affirmed this Thursday after the defeat against Alavés that the confinement has made them “fatal”, because they were “at the best moment before the break.”

The technician explained at a press conference that it was not their best game and that they were not “comfortable at all” and they knew that the game was going to be long.

“They have terrible potential with Joselu and Lucas with the long game and we have not been fine there”, the coach “txuriurdin” appreciated, despite the fact that they had trained wonderfully, with enthusiasm and enthusiasm, during the de-escalation.

“We are going to see if we turn this situation around because time passes and we have a great game in Anoeta”, said Sheriff, who insisted that “there is no reason to be concerned” And he said that they were badly accustomed to taking the initiative and that the rival team did not give them opportunities.

In this sense, he explained that both Alavés and Osasuna proposed the meetings “in a similar way” and that “it is difficult to get their hands on it.” “Today we have not even shot at goal although we have had approaches to do something else”, regretted the Donostia team coach, who stressed that they are not at their best and recognized the victory as “fair” for Alavés.

In spite of everything, Imanol Alguacil said that although they are not generating a game, “the team is physically well” and said that in any case “the problem is a game”.

“To this day I am not worried in that sense, but because we have not returned as we wanted and the two games have not been good”, said the coach from Gipuzkoa, who does not believe that the pressure is affecting the workforce.

“We must remember that in Champions League positions we entered just before confinement, in that sense there is no pressure”, He considered and added that “expectations have been created because the team has earned them, in addition to trusting the team's possibilities” to turn the situation around. “


For your (63 ', Odegaard), Roberto López (63 ', Zurutuza), Isak (63 ', Willian José), Edgar Mendez (82 ', Borja Sainz), Fejsa (89 ', Lucas Pérez), Martín Aguirregabiria (90 ', Luis Rioja), Gorosabel (92 ', Llorente), Pere Pons (93 ', Camarasa)


1-0, 55 ': Borja Sainz, 2-0, 95 ': Martín Aguirregabiria


Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre
VAR Referee: David Medié Jiménez
Llorente (41 ', Yellow) Aritz Elustondo (48 ', Yellow) Rubén Duarte (50 ', Yellow) Zaldua (53 ', Yellow) Pineapple (70 ', Yellow) Zaldua (80 ', Red) Pineapple (86 ', Red