Bordalás: “It is a great lack of respect to justify a tie with the rival’s game”

The Getafe coach regrets Xavi Hernández’s excuses

“We cannot be critical of our League, we have to defend it”


The Getafe coach, José Bordalás, described Xavi Hernández’s statements trying to justify Barça’s draw (0-0) this Sunday at the Coliseum as “a great lack of respect”, while congratulating his team for a ” great match.”

“I’m happy and satisfied. I think we played a great game despite the adversities we’ve had against a huge rival, with enormous potential. We played a magnificent game. It was a shame even because with one more player we were dominant, with many chances even to win the game”, he said at a press conference after the controversial start of the league to the south of Madrid.

The local coach was asked about the assessment of a Xavi who was critical of the azulón game and the referee’s performance, especially claiming a penalty on the last play. “They are opinions. I don’t think Xavi is doing our League a favor when we are boasting that it is one of the best leagues in the world. The greatness of football has these things, that a small team is capable of standing up to it,” he said.

“It is a way of justifying that they have not achieved the three points with an incredible squad. I do not share it. We cannot be critical of our League, we have to defend it. I do not agree that the referees are blamed. The referee has drawn cards and I don’t think it has benefited one team more than another. In fact, the most violent play of the game was by a FC Barcelona player”, he added.

Bordalás, satisfied that long discounts are added if effective playing time has been lost, lamented Xavi’s lack of respect. “It’s a way of camouflaging the great game that my players have played. It would never occur to me to justify a draw or a defeat with the rival’s game. It’s a great lack of respect,” he commented.

On the other hand, the ‘Geta’ coach insisted that he needs reinforcements before the market ends. “We all agree that the squad is very depleted, very limited in numbers,” he settled, recalling that for the next game he will have the casualties of Jaime Mata and Mitrovic.