Bono explains his pique with Haaland and reveals that he injured him

The goalkeeper of Seville
Bounou, ‘Bond', Revealed that Erling
Haaland, executioner of Seville in the knockout round of the Champions in which Borussia
Dortmund he dismounted the Andalusians, injured him in one of the actions of the first leg. The Norwegian striker scored 4 goals against the Moroccan-born Canadian goalkeeper on aggregate in the tie, starring in a dunk on a penalty shot in the second leg.

“In the first leg, Haaland injured my knee by scoring the second goal. I was in pain for a week and then on the return from Dortmund came the confrontation. When he was about to take the penalty I tried to distract him but after the game we shook hands. The great players leave their differences on the field and maintain a good relationship, ”said the Sevilla goalkeeper, who stopped the first penalty from Haaland but the match referee ordered to repeat the throw, since Bond he was not stepping on the line at the time of the shot as is the norm.

The controversial 'kiricocho'

Bono, in statements to ‘Elbotola', He also explained the chapter of the word “kiricocho”, a kind of jinx that he heard Haaland before taking the penalty, which made the Norwegian angry and reproached the goalkeeper. “It wasn't me who told him, it was another Argentine teammate from Sevilla, but the press got confused. ‘Kiricocho’ is a word of Argentine culture just like the Moroccans say ‘Mishkal,” he explained.

It was not me who told him, it was another Argentine teammate from Sevilla