Bolo: “If I talk to the referee like he does to my players, I lose a few games”

Jon Pérez Bolo left the RCDE Stadium “satisfied” by the image shown by Ponferradina against Espanyol, although “I'm happy I can't go, because I haven't scored any points”. However, it was not only the result that soured the night for the sports coach, who complained about the treatment received by his players from the referee team headed by Milla Alvendiz.

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* Data updated as of October 29, 2020

“The respect that we had for Espanyol is the same that we ask of the people who direct the game towards us,” said Bolo. “It can't be that he has been threatening us from the first minute, that they didn't even let us cough. It is difficult to hold on for 90 minutes, because there is a lot of accumulated tension, but if a person does not tolerate anything … If I speak to the referee like he spoke to my players, I am sure that I will lose a few games, “concluded the Blue and White coach.

In any case, after the relief, Bolo recovered his usual optimistic speech to remember that “we have played two good games against two great teams -Sporting and Espanyol- and that is the line we must follow, always looking forward even though we are sad for not scoring in these games.