Blackstone, new owner of Sergio Ramos land that he acquires for defaults

According to the specialized economic information media Cinco Días, the extra-football business of Sergio Ramos has been harmed and the Blackstone company has taken the land on which the footballer had made his biggest real estate investment.

The land belonged to an area called Los Berrocales and in which 22,000 homes were to be built. However, the company in which Ramos invested in 2011, Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Berrocales (DILB), has transferred the land to Blackstone in March in exchange for canceling the unpaid debt, according to the aforementioned newspaper.

A debt that derived from an initial mortgage loan of 35 million euros granted by the now defunct Banco Pastor, which fell to Banco Santander. Finally, that unpaid credit was transferred 51% to Blackstone. All this, after Sergio Ramos made what is known as a dation in payment, that is, canceling the debt with the delivery of the asset on which the loan was made and not with money.

All this, according to Cinco Días, the player's environment denies it and ensures that the company paid the loan to Santander and subsequently sold the land to four real estate agencies. Something that, made the pertinent consultations, Cinco Días ensures that the real estate agencies categorically deny that they have happened.