Bisbal assures that his father no longer recognizes him due to Alzheimer’s and talks about Rosanna’s accident: “It was brutal”

David Bisbal sat down this Monday, October 2, in The Anthill To promote your new work, I feel alive, for his 20 years of career. The singer has talked about fun moments, like his viral phrase “How are the machines?”, but also about hard moments.

On the one hand, he remembered the accident his wife suffered, Rosanna Zanettiduring the recording of the new video clip in which they star together: “At home, Rosannita was recording some shots. I was resting and suddenly I heard a noise. I said what happened here, everyone was alarmed. And I thought she had fallen through that gap,” the interpreter of Latin heart to Pablo Motos.

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The man from Almería feared the worst for a few seconds: “And indeed he had slipped, he had fallen and he was just a few centimeters away from that gap. It was ugh. It was brutal. I had never felt anything like that. Honestly it was a bit of panic. Everything “She was a little scared and Rosannita was as beautiful as always,” she explained.

The singer also had some words for his father, José Bisbal Carrillo, who suffers from Alzheimer’s: “He no longer recognizes me. Not me, not my sister or my brother. And sometimes not even my mother who is always with her. “We have already gotten used to it. It was hard. He doesn’t recognize you, he says it sounds familiar to me, but I don’t know how to place you well. It’s very hard. You notice that he doesn’t know his grandchildren. It’s very hard.”

Despite everything, the interpreter of My princess He added: “Within the nostalgia or in the world where he lives right now, there are also funny moments. In those moments I try to take shelter. It is true that Pepe has been a very joking person in his life and we try to remember him that way. It is hard. “.