Bild places Javi Martínez in Athletic

The German newspaper Bild announced this afternoon the march of Javi
Martinez of the Bayern
Munich and has dared to predict that his next destination will be the Athletic. According to the newspaper, the preference of the Navarrese player is to return to the club from which he left eight years ago to join the Bavarian entity.

Throughout the day today, rumors have not stopped growing about the possible departure of Javi
Martinez of the Bayern
Munich. Has been the german newspaper Bild the one who has advanced that the Navarrese player will not continue in the Bavarian team. He has even dropped that the preference of Javi
Martinez is to return to Athletic.

Throughout the summer, the possible departure of the Aiegi midfielder from Bayern has been one of the most insistent rumors. He has been linked to French, Italian, Arab and Chinese teams. Even with the Real

Also another one that has sounded insistently has been the Athletic. The rojiblanco club, however, has always said that it was not in their plans and that it has not had any kind of conversation with the German entity to take over the player's services for this season.

Javi Martínez has not taken the photo of the Oktoberfest with the rest of his teammates and he has not entered the list for the Super Cup

A clue of the march Javi
Martinez of the Bayern It is the photo that all the team members have taken by the Oktoberfest with one of its sponsors, the beer brand Paulaner.
Aiegi did not appear in it. Another sign of his possible departure is that the Navarrese midfielder has not entered the call for the match of the Super Cup European against Seville, a match that takes place this Thursday in Budapest.

The question now is what is the situation of Javi
Martinez. If he Bayern
Munich has decided to let him go free so that he can negotiate directly with a club or if the Bavarian team has already reached an agreement for his transfer with another team. He Bild pointed to Athletic in an operation that could cost around ten million euros.