Bilbao Athletic has a pull

To a certain extent the encounter that will face the Bilbao Athletic before him Racing Santander in Lezama it will have a certain animation. It is already known that with things as they are, the concentration of the public is either non-existent or very restricted. This weekend the Bilbao subsidiary will be able to enjoy the public in the stands. Due to the needs of the script, there were only 211 seats at general disposal and since 327 partners had signed up for this weekend's game, a draw has been carried out.

In such a way that the chosen number has been 312. “Therefore, that number and the following 210; that is, until the 327 end of the list and once it has started again from 1 to 195, they will have the right to witness the match live ”, as Athletic communicates through a press release posted on its website.

“The winners must go to Lezama with the entry received in the email (printed or showing it on the phone) and the DNI,” adds the statement, which adds that the temperature will be taken, that hydroalcoholic gel will be available and that you will be required to wear a mask. “You will only be allowed to leave your seat throughout the game, including rest, to go to the toilets,” says the note.

Like the feminine

“For health security reasons, the capacity of field 2 in Lezama has been reduced to 316 spectators. The full capacity has been subtracted from the seats occupied by organizational needs, substitute players in the stands, visiting team and the media, so that 211 seats will be distributed among the three stands “·, they clarify.

In this way, the team of Joseba Etxeberri
to will have the support of a certain number of fans, as Athletic women have already enjoyed twice against the Depor and Betis.