Betis plays the portfolio

EI Betis has tied a ticket to the next edition of the Europa League and ran out of options to extend that dream of reaching the Champions League. But he will not go to Madrid for a walk to face the last day of this League. There are numerous motivations in the Verdiblanco club to face this match against Real Madrid with the ambition that Manuel Pellegrini always reiterates in his statements. Above all, there is a decisive factor in that impetus to tie the current fifth place: Betis would pocket about seven million euros more than giving that position to Real Sociedad in future distributions of television rights. Quite an incentive that the Verdiblanco team takes into accountwho did not lose or concede goals in any of his last four visits to the Madrid fiefdom.

“The season is not over. This family, which has already exceeded the numbers of the previous campaign, wants to secure fifth place on the last day of the League. There is only one more step left”. This is how the club spoke through social networks after the victory against Granada. A point in tomorrow’s meeting would be enough for the Verdiblanco team to tie that dream place in the table. There are other reasons why those that Betis will go with everything. He intends to beat his best goalscoring record in a season and reach 102 goals in 96-97. For this, he needs two goals on this last day. Pellegrini is clear that all these challenges are on the table and therefore there will be no reservations in the running.

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*Data updated as of May 18, 2022

While the team focuses its sights on the Bernabéu, the club also looks askance to a planning that will have difficulties in summer. That is why those millions that limit the fifth place can be important. The entity immediately needs 25 million before the end of June and everything points to the sale of some important player from the current squad.