Bertín Osborne's first words after Arévalo's death: “A month ago I told him everything and I regret it”

Bertin Osborneas he himself has slipped, has not gone to the funeral home of Paco Arevalo because he has been infected with Covid-19. The comedian's son, Franciscohas regretted the singer's absence and has also said that he has not called him to offer his condolences: “I haven't spoken to Bertín in more than twelve or thirteen years. I do not know anything about him. The one who was talking to him was my father. Lately they didn't have such a fluid relationship but they called each other from time to time.. I guess he'll call me and come.”

While the comedian's body was being laid to rest at a funeral home in Valencia this Thursday morning, the ranchera singer offered his first words after the death of his friend. “He was the first friend I had in this profession, it has been a life together, we have lived together for many years and he was like my brother. My other little brother José Luis López called me, El Turronero and he almost gave me a bad name“, he lamented in Cuatro.

The artist has also revealed that just a month ago he had a tense conversation with him: ''It has been especially painful because a month ago I had a fight on the phone. I am a person who takes care of myself and plays sports. Paco's turning point was Elena's death [2015]and from there it was half abandoned. Suddenly he became 40 kilos more than he should weigh, he couldn't walk because his knees hurt.“.

For all this, Bertín told him what he thought: “I hit him hard, I told him everything and you don't know what I regret. I told him 'any day something is going to happen to you and you are going to leave your family…' When José Luis told me last night I almost had a heart attack because I regretted having told him.“.

Arévalo got angry with him and this has stuck with him: “From that day on he got angry with me because I told him that. He has taken care of everyone except himself. I have assumed that it is a heart attack because I had nothing else, it was almost a 90% heart attack.”

Arévalo and Osborne, who shared so many shows, had a big fight in 2017 over a publication by the comedian on their social networks. Arévalo gathered a group of friends, including the ranchera singer and his eldest daughters, at his house in Valencia to enjoy a good paella. They had two star guests, the emeritus Juan Carlos and the Infanta Elena: “Take that fucking photo away,” was the last thing Bertín said to him.

“I had the misfortune of posting a photograph on Twitter, but I did it normally, bragging about being Spanish,” explained the comedian in the extinct Deluxe. “It didn't sit well with the Royal Family and I'm very sorry because maybe I should have asked for permission, but I did it innocently,” he justified.

Arévalo's son talks about his father's death

Arévalo, who died this Wednesday at the age of 76, began to feel bad in recent days: “It seemed like he had the flu, it was getting worse, he wasn't eating, he was dizzy…”explained Francisco, who found his father dead. “I brought him orange juice, several things, and now the last time I came in he didn't answer me. “She had already left us,” she lamented.He was breathing badly. He had the coronavirus, but he had it quite badly and he hasn't gotten over it.”.