Bertín Osborne’s concern after his father’s hospitalization at the age of 95

Bertin Osborne (68), on everyone’s lips since the last few months due to the pregnancy of Gabriela Guillénis now worried about his father’s health, Enrique Ortiz López-Valdemorowho has been admitted to the hospital at the age of 95.

The ranchera singer’s father has been hospitalized due to an imbalance in his medication, as reported on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 9 on Antena 3.

Bertín, for the moment, has not commented publicly on the matter. However, he is very aware of his father’s health, to the point that he has canceled his attendance at the charity gala of the NGO Amic and the Doctor Iván Mañero Foundation, which is being held tonight in Barcelona. .

For a time, Bertín and his father, VIII count of Donadío de Casasola and VII count of las Navas, were estranged. All because Enrique did not attend the singer’s first wedding with the mother of his three oldest daughters, Sandra Domecq. However, in recent years the relationship has improved significantly.

It would have been the first appearance of Fabiola Martínez’s ex-husband after Gabriela Guillén’s latest statements: “I don’t want anything if it isn’t attention, for me that is more valuable than money. I feel alone.”