Bertín Osborne will take a paternity test as soon as Gabriela’s baby is born: “He owes it to his family”

The war between Bertin Osborne y Gabriela Guillén has definitively exploded with the video published by the Colombian, six months pregnant, on her social networks: “I was with this person (Bertín) for quite a long time, perhaps it was not a conventional relationship as everyone thinks. But I am not just anyone, “not just one more, not a lover, not a special friend, not a jerk.”

After the new commotion related to her personal life, Paloma García-Pelayo has advanced in the Sonsoles Ónega program the ranchera singer’s plans to follow regarding this pregnancy.

“He has made a decision. He wants to do a paternity test. It is a decision he makes based on family logic. He owes it to his family. To his daughters, his sons, to Fabiola. He has decided,” the journalist announced this Wednesday. . “She is logically going to wait for that baby to be born. Gabriela already knows that,” she added.

Bertín and Gabriela have not seen each other for months. Specifically, from a party that was held in Seville shortly before the pregnancy was made public last July: “They haven’t seen each other since Seville and they haven’t met at any time. They haven’t even spoken. But even though I haven’t seen her “It doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there. Bertín is taking charge from minute one,” García-Pelayo explained.

Gabriela has exploded in the last few hours following the cover of Week in which she appears in a bikini on the beach of Huelva. The debate over whether the image is agreed upon and the physiotherapist has pocketed money for the image has fueled the controversy. The magazine points out Gabriela’s desire to reunite with Bertín: “she is still in love with Bertín and dreams of recovering her relationship with the singer.” She, angry, has told the truth about herself on the networks.

As for Bertín, Gabriela Guillén’s pregnancy has also been joined in recent months and weeks by statements from Chabeli Navarro and the singer Anna. The first of her had an abortion and the second confessed to having had a fifteen-year relationship with him, coinciding according to her with the period in which he was married to Fabiola Martinez.