Bertín Osborne passes on Gabriela Guillén: he receives his burofax and does not answer

A new chapter between Bertin Osborne y Gabriela Guillén It opens due to the legal measures undertaken by the Paraguayan model. The ranchera singer, who suffers from persistent Covid at 69 years old, has already received a burofax.

“Gabriela has sent a burofax to Bertín, that burofax has been received and has no response. It is unanswered”Beatriz Cortázar announced this Friday in And now Sonsoles. The journalist explained: “This legal process that has been recommended is following the procedures. If there is no response it will be sent again. If he does not answer, the person who never answers can be declared in default. This is the process.”

Cortázar has also revealed how Gaby is at the moment: “He confirms that it has been sent, it has been received and there is no response. She is looking forward to this procedure being over and being left alone. “He’s looking forward to getting this over with.”

Fabiola Martínez’s ex-husband has not yet met Gabriela’s son, whom she gave birth to on December 22. He said that he would do a paternity test because he owed it to her family, made up of her eldest daughters (Eugenia, Alejandra and Claudia) and the little ones Kike and Carlos.

Gabriela, for her part, set a clear condition for the DNA test: “Gabriela has told me that she has no problem taking the DNA test. But there is one thing that is clear to her: she is going to have it done in the same place.” where the judges rule, not in a private clinic or private laboratory,” the journalist also explained a few months ago.

Meanwhile, the presenter is recovering from the persistent Covid that he suffers from and for which he is receiving treatment, according to Paloma García-Pelayo. “Bertín has gone to a clinic in Córdoba and is receiving outpatient treatment, they are administering intravenous medication. He has had a decrease in his defenses and they are giving him treatment to recover his defenses and so that his immune system can fight against bacteria” .