Bertín Osborne explodes after rumors that link him to the theft in Gabriela's car: “Change dealers”

The singer has surprised by sharing a video through social networks to express himself about the latest rumors that implicate him in the car theft suffered by the mother of his sixth child a few days ago. “I just found out what happened to Gabriela, that they broke her car window and took away the child's seat and that there is an alien or two who say that I have something to do with the DNA issue.” or I don't know what… But stop smoking those bad things you're smoking, change dealers.”has said.

The artist went to the house of his ex-wife, Fabiola Martínez, this Wednesday to celebrate his son Kike's 17th birthday. Upon his arrival, he was asked about said theft but did not respond. Already from the parking lot, Bertín has recorded this video: “How can you say such nonsense? Are we all crazy?”he expressed with disbelief. “As my friend Carlos Herrera says, there is no more room for a fool in this country”has settled.

It was Gabriela herself who suggested that there could be hidden intentions behind the theft of the baby stroller that was stolen from her car last Friday. She herself has described the fact as “strange and macabre” while her friend, Raquel Arias, pointed directly to the issue of paternity. In the baby stroller, the only thing that was stolen from Gabriela's car, there could be the child's DNA (a hair, saliva…), a material that would be used to carry out the pertinent analyzes and obtain fairly reliable results on the minor's paternity. . Of course, some experts assure that they would not be valid results in a court.

The Paraguayan model announced on Friday who had requested the parentage of her baby: “I have no doubts about who the father is, but if he has doubts, tests will have to be done,” she said in her television interview. “Bertín is waiting for her to take the step and when she asks for the tests she will do them,” she said.