Bernardo Pantoja, operated on again and with Anabel, broken, at his side: “It’s a very complicated situation”

The brother of Isabel Pantoja He has undergone surgery again and the concern, apparently, is maximum. Next to her, in a hospital in Seville, is Anabel Pantojawho this time has traveled to be with his father in the hospital.

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José Antonio León has revealed this information in Save me: “He is undergoing surgery on the other leg. It is a disease and it is a very complicated situation,” the reporter explained on Monday. “Anabel is having a bad time,” he pointed out.

Gema López has given more details about the income of Bernardo, who in the summer already had complications due to an infection: “The intervention was scheduled for last week. She is in Seville and has been with him all week.” From Seville, the cousin of Kiko Rivera and Chabelita has shared a photo on Instagram. She shows up at the hospital and is wearing a bracelet with Jesus Christ on it. Anabel completes the publication with an emoticon of hope.

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Since the show, his former teammates have conveyed their support for him. Bernardo has had health problems for a long time and in recent months he has been to the hospital on several occasions. Anabel has received criticism on occasion for not being with him in delicate moments. The relationship between the two has not always been good and she has always been marked by light and shadow. Right now, Isabel’s very niece has all her energies focused on him.