Bernardeau, with Greta Fernández on the same island where Aitana and Yatra gave free rein to their passion

Miguel Bernardeau and the also actress Greta Fernandez They are on vacation in Ibiza, where their parents have a house. The son of Ana Duato and the daughter of the actor Eduard Fernández have mainly enjoyed the sea and the beach, two of the passions that most unite them. For him it is his first summer as a bachelor, because on these same dates, in 2022, he enjoyed the island with his ex, the father.

Magazine Ten minutes publishes this Wednesday several photos in which the complicity of both on the island of Pitiusa is clear. Among them the flame of love could have arisen. They have everything going for them: they are single and share the same hobbies and profession.

Of the different images captured, the one that attracts the most attention is one in which they can be seen together on a bike. On occasion or other we also saw Aitana with hers, her ex and her ex-mother-in-law, Ana Duato, enjoying this hobby for Ibiza. It must be remembered that the singer of butterflies he spent the quarantine there for Covid-19.

Aitana, for her part, has also been in Ibiza this summer but with her new boyfriend, Sebastian Yatra. Recently They were photographed melting into a passionate kiss that gave a lot to talk about. Will Miguel and Greta follow in their footsteps and become the new surprise relationship of the summer?

Who is Greta?

Greta is from Barcelona, ​​she is 28 years old and She is the daughter of the famous actor Eduard Fernández. Among his recognized works, his roles in Elisa and Marcelaby Isabel Coixet, The daughter of a thieffor which she was nominated for a Goya for Best Leading Actress in 2020 and unicornsreleased at the end of June.