Berbatov on Jovic: “The Balkans do things differently”

Dimitar Berbatov, legend of Manchester United or Tottenham among others, has given enormous importance to the return of Eden Hazard with Real Madrid for the return of LaLiga. Speaking to Betfair, the Bulgarian believes that the presence of the Belgian attacker with the Whites will be key for Real Madrid to achieve the title of regularity.

Hazard will make a difference in a very important way for Real Madrid. With the championship being played only between the two, I think whites will have a wonderful chance to win it, especially with a full-blown Hazard, “Berbatov began his reflection.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Of course, for this quality jump to occur, Berbatov believes that Hazard will have to show more than he has taught so far in the capital of Spain. “He has been at Real Madrid for almost a year and now he has to score a great game, is what remains to prove. But come on, he will know it, his companions will know it and everyone will know it. He has to do something like what he did at Chelsea when he left: press, score, assist. This is how you will gain confidence again, “Berbatov insisted.

On the Belgian's injuries, the former striker knows that “he has not been lucky”, but asks for patience. “If he can avoid them, I think he will be the same Hazard we knew before. “Berbatov predicted.

“Real Madrid will have a slight advantage over City”

On the future horizon of Real Madrid is not only LaLiga. Also a Champions League in which the Whites have yet to play the quarterfinal round against Manchester City. In the first leg, before the break, the sky blues won 1-2, but, Despite such a remarkable advantage, Berbatov believes that the Spanish will have options to pass.

Real Madrid will have a slight advantage because they will return before City, such as Bayern, which I see with enough options because they are already playing“The Bulgarian began his reflection before warning that Real Madrid will not have it easy for that.” It is also true that, sometimes in a game, especially in the Champions League, it does not matter how much you have been playing because everything depends more on your confidence and concentration, so surely the one who is most prepared will take it, “he said.

About Jovic: “We Balkans do things differently”

On the opposite side to Hazard at Real Madrid is Luka Jovic. The Serbian striker, Balkan like Berbatov, was injured on his return from Belgrade and there are doubts about his participation in the remaining eleven days. “We Balkans sometimes do things differently, but I hope you can stay focused in what is really important to him: get in shape and show that Real Madrid was right when he paid what he paid for his transfer “, he began his reflection on the white striker.

“It is true that he may not reach the end of the season and that he has had bad luck with the injuries. Also that he has not been able to demonstrate what was seen of him at the Eintracht in Frankfurt when he left. But I insist that it is an investment for the future. He is going through a difficult situation because he is injured and that, mentally, will be hardBut he has to think positive and project himself on how he will make good games for next season, “he insisted.

“Even the Premier will be like watching training”

Berbatov did not want to miss the opportunity to analyze the return of the competition in which he grew the most, the Premier League. “Without fans, even with the intensity of the Premier, it will be like watching a friendly or a training session, something similar to that of the Bundesliga“, It started.

Using the example of the Bundesliga precisely, Berbatov does not believe that there will necessarily be more injuries. “If you don't go over the top and think something is probably going to go wrong, then you will get injured. But if you are serious and physically and mentally prepared, then surely nothing will happen to you. Look in Germany, there have been no serious injuries, “he argued.

“Pogba will be a great push for United”

Finally, Berbatov pointed out that Pogba's presence with Manchester United (he was injured before the break) will be a “great boost” in the aspirations of the red devils, who he sees able to qualify for the Champions League now that they are at only three points from Chelsea, fourth in the table. “It will be interesting to see how Pogba and Bruno Fernandes come together for the first time. In my opinion they can make a great couple. They will give a lot of confidence to the whole team, “Berbatov concluded his exclusive statements.