Berbatov: “Mourinho will bring out the best in Bale”

There are many voices that in recent days are evaluating favorably the possible return, which seems closer and closer, of Gareth Bale to the Premier League. The last to give his opinion was Dimitar Berbatov, who believes that Bale can shine again at Tottenham (from where the Welshman left for Real Madrid in 2013) at the hands of Jose Mourinho: “I have not worked with Mourinho, but from what I know about him and what I have been told, I am sure that he will get the best of Bale. I have faith that Mou will achieve it,” said the 39-year-old former Bulgarian forward years, in a statement released by Betfair, a brand for which he is an ambassador. “It's more, I think one of the reasons why Bale chose Tottenham is Mourinho. He will have called him and what he has said is sure to have been fundamental in his decision, “he added.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Berbatov, who played for Tottenham itself and also for Manchester United, the two clubs that have sought the extreme with the most force, values ​​the British stage as a Madrid player positively: “He has won four Champions League! Four! How is it going To have his talent been wasted or how will he be unhappy about his time at Madrid? only Bale knows if he has given everything to stay and, if he really gave everything, he has nothing to regret“, highlights the Bulgarian, who regrets the drop in the level that Bale has had in recent years.” At Madrid they have lost the opportunity to get more out of him. I have no idea why. A few years ago he was there, almost at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. “

The striker points to Zidane and the lack of understanding with the player as keys to his departure and his lack of performance in recent campaigns. Berbatov has his theory: “From outside the feeling is that one day Zidane told Bale: 'You are not going to play every minute.' That sure pissed off Bale Instead of keeping his anger to himself, he decided to show everyone that he was upset. It also happens sometimes that the coach just doesn't like you. And even if you bust your ass to work in each training, you will not play and that's it … “.

Despite this thought, Berbatov does not detract one iota of respect from Zidane's authority and his decisions: “Zidane can seat Bale, James or whoever he wants. Now the two seem to have found a solution to their problem. With these operations, everyone is going to win. “

Tottenham Shield / Flag

Berbatov thinks that both Bale and his teammate James, who signed for Ancelotti's Everton a few days ago, will shine again in the Premier: “Some will think that for James and Bale it is a step backwards, but sometimes you have to take steps back in the right direction. This is what I think has happened in both cases. I have played with Bale and James and they are two brutal players, with enough quality to continue competing at the highest level “.

Precisely, on the impact that the Mourinho-Bale binomial can have on the English league, Berbatov believes that Tottenham will bring together one of the best strikers in the Premier with the Welshman: “Bale, Kane, Son and Dele Alli … is that any coach would kill for a forward like that. For me, surely one of the best, equaled with Liverpool … “

“Now it is up to Mourinho to decide who plays at the beginning and it will not be easy. The challenge is that he and Bale, who are the only ones in that dressing room who have won titles, lead the rest to get them at Tottenham“concludes Berbatov.