Berbatov: “Modric is a crack at the level of Xavi or Iniesta”

Dimitar Berbatov, Manchester United and Tottenham legend and Betfair ambassador, placed Luka Modric, Real Madrid midfielder, as one of the best of the last decade and he still predicted a good handful more seasons at the highest level despite the fact that the Croatian already has 35 years.

“Modric is not playing, is flying with Real Madrid“Berbatov began to praise the 10 merengue, with whom he shared a dressing room at Tottenham.” I have no doubt that he is one of the three-four best midfielders of the last decade. Luka is at the height of Iniesta or Xavi Hernández, without a doubt. It is no coincidence that in this decade he has been the only player capable of breaking Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's dominance in the Ballon d'Or, “the Betfair ambassador commented emphatically.

“He will be 35 years old, but when you have the ability to read the games as he reads them, to regulate your strength and energy, you can play until you feel like it,” Berbatov added. “If he continues as he is now, he may have several more years of career at the highest level. And that would be wonderful, “applauded the former Bulgarian international.

“What Deschamps says are excuses to justify Griezmann”

At FC Barcelona, ​​Griezmann focuses his gaze on an irregular start to the season. Another one. Berbatov is struck by the fact that the Frenchman has not finished starting at such a big club. “You see him suffering when he plays with Barça and Sometimes it can happen that, when you have a player like Messi, it is normal that the new one does not feel the reference. But I think Griezmann is being affected more than normal, “the Betfair ambassador began to assess.

Berbatov is confident that the Frenchman will perform better (“Koeman believes in him”), but does not consider that statements such as that of Deschamps, the French coach, will help him. “Deschamps affirms that Griezmann is not happy in Barcelona, ​​but those are excuses to justify his poor performances. It is clear that Griezmann does not look like the same player he was at Atlético, but now without Suárez he will have more opportunities to show his talent, “added Berbatov.

Berbatov was very aware of the last day of the transfer market before the possibility that Dembélé ended up in one of his teams, United, or that Depay, a former Red Devils, signed for Barcelona. But none of this happened. “I was surprised by the activity of Barcelona in this transfer market, forced to sell players and with hardly any incorporationsBerbatov insisted.

Despite everything, the Betfair ambassador has no doubt that Barcelona will continue to compete. “They have the quality to continue being the favorites in Spain, along with Real Madrid. Look at it from the other side: Coutinho is playing very well and they can try to relaunch Dembélé. Yes, they certainly have the quality to be a very competitive team “, the Betfair ambassador confirmed in his thinking.

“When I saw 7-2 I thought, but what the fuck … is this?”

In reference to the Premier, Berbatov was more than sincere when assessing the two goals of the last day, Tottenham's 1-6 against United and Aston Villa's 7-2 against Liverpool. “When I saw that they scored seven goals I thought… but what the hell is this? One of the brightest champions and they score seven… amazing“, he affirmed resoundingly, as is usual in him.

On the United crisis, the Betfair ambassador believes that the pressure Solskjaer “will only grow.” “Maybe Pochettino is 'the man', but lately everyone is 'the man' at United: Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho … They were all the next saviorBerbatov also applauded the signing of Cavani. “I am a huge fan of his game. I only have the doubt of why they have not signed him before. Some will say that it is a reinforcement of panic, but it was clear that United were looking for a forward, “he said