Benítez: “The team shows its face, but our mistakes have penalized us from the beginning”


The Celta coach, Rafa Benítez, admitted that the mistakes they made in this Tuesday's Copa del Rey quarter-final clash penalized them “from the beginning” against a Real Sociedad, against whom they showed “their face.” “, but where they were very conditioned after Mikel Oyarzabal's early 0-1.

“I think you have to analyze the game well and for that to think that in the first minute we made two or three mistakes in the same play and that already conditions you a lot against a strong, intense team with very good players, which you cannot give anything away,” Benítez said in a press conference after the game.

The Madrid coach regretted that his team had trouble with “the first and second plays”, but then praised their “reaction” before making another “mistake” and conceding the 0-2 score. “The team keeps fighting, pressing and scoring the goal late. Let's just say to our people that the team shows its face, but that our mistakes have penalized us from the beginning,” he warned.

“I think you have to analyze everything, how the people who arrive are, what rival you are facing and the conditions of the field. You play at home with your fans pushing and what you want is to equalize physically to put pressure, to be on top. of them and it was a match where we had to make few mistakes and try to take advantage of those made by the rival. Unfortunately they have made fewer than us,” Benítez reiterated.

In this sense, he did not want to personalize any player. “If the team doesn't win, I have to be angry and analyze why. What happens has happened and that's it, and now what we have to do is analyze it to try to solve it and see if we learn from those things, but “I can't do anything other than train, work, see it, explain it, analyze it and again be prepared for the next game,” he concluded.

Regarding the possible anger of the stands after the game, he made it clear that he is “focused on what is happening on the field.” “I think my job was to make the changes and try to turn things around. I think they went well, but it wasn't enough because the opponent, logically, is one to whom we 'gifted' that first goal and then the second. When you are anxious and you are at the top, it can happen, but the team has stood up to the end,” he remarked.

The Madrid coach spoke about the state of the grass, which was not in the best condition and that the club “has tried to improve three times.” “But until you get to the bottom and go a little deeper to improve all the drainage it's not going to be a perfect situation. From what they tell us, it will improve little by little now, but it's true that it's not good, the club has taken measures with the company that was trying to solve it and we will see if it is actually solved as soon as possible because it does not help us in this case either,” he asked.