Belén Ro and Terelu Campos, united again after the admission of María Teresa: “She called me after a year without speaking to us”

The severity of the state of Maria Teresa Campos has done that Have him Pick up the phone and notify one of the people who has been very close to your family for a long time: Belen Rodriguez.

Belén and Terelu had not spoken to each other for more than a year due to that controversy that began with the confrontation between the journalist and Kiko Hernandezto whom he owed a large amount of money, and which extended to the daughters of the veteran presenter.

Belén Ro brings together a good part of 'Sálvame' on her birthday

just start Fiesta, where he has worked for a few months, Rodríguez has told how he found out about María Teresa’s admission to a Madrid hospital this Sunday morning. “I am in shock. He has called me Terelu, which I am very grateful to him for having communicated to me and it is that I am as if gone, I have not had time to react,” she said.

“It is a mixture of emotions of all kinds, I have not asked Terelu anything and agreed that I would go to the hospital this afternoon to see Teres,” says the television collaborator. At the moment, no further details of the state of the great communicator are known. Her daughters have assured that they will issue a statement soon.