Belén Esteban warns Jesulín de Ubrique: “Let him say whatever he wants, because if he speaks…”

It was reported that Netflix is ​​preparing a docuseries about Jesulin of Ubrique, although sources consulted by this portal flatly denied it. Given the possibility that a similar project comes to light, Bethlehem Esteban has spoken about it.

With a face of annoyance and anger, the princess of the town has blurted out this Monday on her program: “The facts speak for themselves. I have nothing more to say.”

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In a few words, Andrea Janeiro’s mother has warned her ex: “If you ask me, I think he won’t even name me. I’m talking about what I believe (…) I have love for a person of the one I can’t speak, but if he speaks…”. Somewhat emboldened, she has pointed out: “Let him tell what he wants and what he wants.”

Docuseries for Jesulín de Ubrique?

as posted Informalia, Netflix does not plan to broadcast any docuseries about Jesulín de Ubrique, as they assure us from the streaming platform. This service denies, therefore, that among its future plans is to host a program in its catalog in which the bullfighter tells his story.

Although Netflix is ​​not going to broadcast any Jesulín docuseries, it is unknown if the project continues with the help of an audiovisual production company that tries to place it on another platform.