Belén Esteban screams to heaven after Toño Sanchís’s visit to Mediaset: “I find it shameful that they let him in”

These are not good times for bethlehem estebanwho regrets the cancellation of Save me after fourteen years on the air. As if that were not enough, in addition to his program, the interview with Jesulin de Ubrique con Bertin Osborne on Telecinco, broadcast last Monday, May 15. Now other information has reached his ears that he does not find funny at all.

Tono Sanchis, his former representative, has been in negotiations with Mediaset to place his clients on the group’s grid. And he has achieved it, since the sports commentator Cristóbal Soria has signed for I slipthe new Telecinco humor program that was also broadcast on Antena 3. His client also participates in the documentary Maribáñez, the worst team in the world, which premiered on Cuatro a few weeks ago. This Tuesday, in addition, he has been at the Mediaset facilities.

Esteban is trilling: “Well, nothing, Mr. Toño Sanchís has been here today, and what seems shameful to me is that in this chain, in Mediaset For or Four or whatever now, they have let him in. That they have let him in allowed in despite what he has taken from me and the demands he has made. I find it shameful. The luck you’ve had is that I came late. I haven’t seen you, I wish I had seen you,” he snapped in his programme.

The princess of the town has also thrown humor: “Hold your bags, your wallets well… Because there is someone… Who takes everything.” And she recalled: “I still have the criminal trial. I thought you were going to turn up my checks and leave them for me at reception.”

In March of this year, Belén already spoke about her judicial news with Toño. In January they told her that her procedure is already going criminal and she is ready for anything: “I accuse him of a series of things that the judge will say or not, but I trust justice and, if he has to go to jail , very sorry”. And she sentenced: “I want Spain to know that I am right. He does not give me any pity.”

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Andrea Janeiro’s mother broke up with her representative in 2015 after almost a decade counting on her services. According to Esteban’s complaint, he charged her for events and her contracts a higher percentage than what was agreed between them. “He owes me 400,000 euros and he gives his life, father,” she lamented again a few months ago on her program.

Belén came to keep her family home on the outskirts of Madrid, in Villanueva del Pardillo, after going up for auction. A house that in the end brought her more headaches than anything else due to all the money she had to invest in it and that finally, as she herself explained in September 2020, she was able to sell.