Belén Esteban revolutionizes the networks with a photo from 23 years ago: “I was a sweetie and I still am”

bethlehem esteban is living a new phase after the end of Save me last June 23. In mid-July, she went to Miami to record the new program that Netflix is ​​preparing with eight of the most emblematic collaborators of the format. The recordings of the program on the other side of the pond already ended at the end of July and, for a few days, the princess of the town has been enjoying a few days of rest and calm.

La Patrona, as she likes to be called now, has more time for social networks. In fact, a few hours ago she revealed to us that she will soon enjoy another plan with Eugenia Martinez de Irujo and her friends, with whom she already enjoyed the concert of Manuel Carrasco at La Cartuja in Seville at the beginning of June. “Soon another meeting,” she wrote.

These days, Andrea Janeiro’s mother has also shared an image on Instagram that has gone around social networks: “The truth is that she was a sweetie. I still am, but plumper and tasty. Here is La Patrona.” The photo, as she has pointed out, belongs to the year 2000. A lot has happened since then.

On the comment wall, Belén has found comments of all kinds: “We all change Belén. You still have a lot of art and a huge heart”, “I think you are much prettier now because you are overflowing with happiness and that is note” or “Well, yes, in Jesulín’s stage you were simpler, prettier, more natural. You’ve been unrecognizable for a long time. With what I adored you…”. Others have been too harsh: “You were and will be the choni of San Blas.”

The last weeks of Belén Esteban have also been marked by rumors of a crisis with her husband, the ambulance driver michael marcos. Some rumors that she herself denied after sending a forceful statement in which she asked that he not be slandered about him.