Belén Esteban, outraged with Susanna Griso for a comment about Andreíta and Julia Janeiro: “She is angry”

Jesulín de Ubrique turned 50 this Tuesday and, on the occasion of this very special anniversary, Julia Janeiro (20) congratulated his father with some very significant words: “Thank you for giving everything for me and my brothers and thank you for being the best father I could have had”. “The best father.” Belen Esteban (50) later shared a post on Instagram that was interpreted as a dart to the young woman, since the relationship that the right-hander maintains with his other daughter, Andrea Janeiro (24), is very distant, as the town princess has always explained or implied.

Jesulín's birthday and the relationship between the sisters has generated debate on television sets, although on this occasion it has not intensified as much because Esteban is no longer on Telecinco since the cancellation of Save me in June. It is a fact.

“Belén Esteban is a little angry”has said Gema Lopezformer companion of Belén, this Wednesday in Public mirror. “With who?”he responded Susanna Griso. “With you”Lopez responded.

Griso has tried to explain himself: “What I say is that if Julia now makes that declaration of love it is because Belén Esteban is not active”. However, this is not what has bothered the former Telecinco collaborator: “It's because of what you said that they had been in trouble for several years and that has distanced them. Now they are older and the best thing is for the older ones to understand each other”.

It must be remembered that the relationship between Andrea and Juls is quite close. The sisters regained contact a couple of years ago and showed the adults that things could be done the right way: “What we couldn't achieve, they did,” Belén said on one occasion. Calls, messages and appointments in Madrid or El Bosque that both Julia and Andrea – who lives, trains and works in the United States – take care of and protect like gold.