Belén Esteban, María Patiño, Matamoros and Lydia Lozano star in the new La Resistencia promo “for 1,200 euros plus VAT”

Seeing is believing. Four of the eight collaborators who make the jump to Netflix after the end of Save me on Telecinco they have starred in the new promotion of The resistancethe program of David Broncano on Movistar Plus +, which starts its seventh season this Monday, September 11.

“Hello, how are you? How are you? On Monday, September 11, come back The resistance. Where? On Movistar +. I don’t go out, in principle. Why am I doing this? Because they have told me that they pay me 1,200 euros plus VAT for sending a WhatsApp message. 1,200 euros plus VAT. Count on me. 1,200 euros”, they say bethlehem esteban, Maria Patino, Lydia Lozano y Kiko Matamoros in a video in which they intersperse each other. “It’s not my fault if they are idiots,” adds Matamoros.

At the end of the promotion, the audio that Patiño sent to the Broncano program team is heard: “Look, for 1,200 euros if you want I will advertise your toenail.”

After this promotion, everything seems to indicate that the new faces of Netflix will sit on the Movistar Plus+ program to promote their new professional adventure, for which there is still no release date on the content platform. This is a documentary reality in which eight collaborators of the missing Save me They look for work in other heart programs on the other side of the pond. It was recorded during the month of July.

The emblematic Telecinco format ended its broadcasts on June 23, a month and several weeks after its cancellation was leaked in the press. They did not notify those responsible for the program (La Fábrica de la Tele) or its presenters and collaborators beforehand, so the news caught them by surprise in the middle of the show. The cancellation came after the drop in audiences (of the program and the network) and the controversies that arose in Mediaset as a result of Rocío Carrasco’s documentary.