Belén Esteban loads all the ammunition against Mediaset: “The only money they are going to earn this year is from Netflix, not from what it does”

Belén Esteban arrives at Netflix shooting against Mediaset, the network with which she has worked in recent years. Almost all of the collaborator’s interventions during the presentation of Every man for himselfthe reality show that he stars on the platform with seven of his co-stars. Save mehave been full of darts, taunts and hints at the audiovisual group that last May dispensed with the program that occupied Telecinco’s afternoons for 14 years.

The reality show that Netflix premieres this Friday is also produced by La Fábrica de la Tele, a production company owned by Mediaset. Therefore, the audiovisual group will do business through the platform with content that it removed from its own grid. Asked about this circumstance, Belén was blunt: “If I don’t say it, I’ll burst: the only money that Mediaset is going to earn this year is from Netflix, not from what it does.”

Just before, the ‘people’s princess’ made a surprising statement about the current situation of La Fábrica de la Tele and Mediaset, whose relations are broken, as Informalia announced. “It is now independent,” she said, implying that the group had left its shareholding and that Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid, heads of the production company, were maneuvering alone. However, company sources have later indicated that Belén Esteban’s statement is false and that, to this day, Mediaset is still within La Fábrica.

There have been more taunts from Belén Esteban against Mediaset. “We have spent 14 years in Save me,, but Save me It’s a folder. Now, thanks to La Fábrica and Netflix we are still there. And what remains to be seen, because this does not end with the first seasons, “he said about what seems to be a long-term future at the streaming giant.” We have been giving life for 14 years. We have earned money, but others have earned more… I am very proud of what we have done,” indicated Esteban.

The collaborator also wanted to make clear what her employment situation is. “I’m no longer a Mediaset girl. I’m from La Fábrica de la Tele – I still am, I’m not unemployed – but, above all, I’m a Netflix girl.” In this sense, we must remember that Belén Esteban never had a contract with her network, but rather her agreement was (and still is) with the production company for which she has been working uninterruptedly for 14 years.

Belén Esteban, Mediaset’s ethical code and banned characters

When evaluating her work for Netflix, Belén Esteban has made it clear that the platform has not imposed any type of ethical code on them, unlike the one that has been in force since the beginning of the year at Mediaset. “Freedom, freedom, without anger, freedom,” Belén has sung Jarcha’s verses, taking advantage of the fact that he is making his own chain transition. “It’s so easy to work without being given a list of people you can’t talk about…”, she blurted out regarding the celebrities that Mediaset banned from its programs.

The truth is that even though the objective of the presentation was to talk about Every man for himself and her future on Netflix, Belén Esteban couldn’t help but talk about the past when someone told her ‘stretched of the language’, as he said in one of his most legendary phrases. “So many people who have complained about Save me… now I turn around and say: it goes for all of you, gentlemen. Now we are not in Save me nor Mediaset. Now we are on Netflix and I look to the present. Save me “It has been the show of our lives, but surely Netflix will also be the show of our lives.”