Belén Esteban explodes after knowing the condition that Jesulín has placed on Bertín: “He has no balls”

This Monday, May 15, the long-awaited interview of Bertin Osborne a Jesulin de Ubrique. for weeks, bethlehem esteban it is trilling His messages against the right-hander and the chain that has given him so much have been forceful.

Hours before the broadcast of the interview, the princess of the town has spoken again about it. “I have met Laura Fa and other friends and I will not see the interview,” Belén assured in Save me.

Of course, you have seen the Telecinco ads. In advance, Jesulín says that he will fight to protect the privacy of his children. “He will fight the privacy of three children, not four,” the collaborator snapped, very angry and without naming Andrea Janeiro. He promised her that he would not talk about the bullfighter and his family problems on television.

On the other hand, Terelu Campos He has told him that “one of the conditions that Jesulín has set is that his interview not be zapped”. This means that videos of the interview cannot be broadcast on other programs in the house. Belén has hallucinated and has exploded, very indignant with Mediaset or “whatever it is called now” (MediaForEurope): “Why don’t I speak? This company accepts it (…) Well, don’t worry because I’m going to save that because I don’t I’ll see”.

The commentator is outraged with the right-handed man: “Who does Jesulín think he is? Justin Bieber or Beyoncé? You know I’ve told you everything I had to tell you and maybe you’re afraid of me.”

Belén has always reproached him for the little attention he pays to his daughter in common, unlike his other three children with Maria Jose Campanario, ‘La Jose’. Andrea is a young woman who achieved anonymity and is working for a future outside our borders. Belén is very proud of her: “He doesn’t know how lucky he is to have what he has.” And she added: “Why doesn’t he talk? Because he doesn’t have balls.”

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The gazpacho businesswoman has ruled, very upset: “He has his family and I have mine, but what you can’t turn the page on is what you can’t turn the page on. Not that.” A few weeks ago, Belén already said: “For what I have left in the convent I shit inside.” In addition to the interview with the bullfighter, she is upset by the cancellation of Save mewhich after fourteen years on the air will cease to be broadcast as of June 23.