Belén Esteban, devastated after speaking with a medium: “She has given me a message from my father”

Intense afternoon for the gatherings of Save me, who have received a visit from two santeras to clean up the bad vibes on the set. There has been talk for months that an evil eye could have fallen on the program and this Tuesday the two experts have agreed that one of the members has a particularly dark aura: Bethlehem Stephen.

Jesulín de Ubrique’s ex, a great believer in mystical issues, began to cry when she found out: “But the bad thing that I have has people thrown at me?”he said inconsolably. The santeras pointed to the “jealousy and envy” as the cause of Esteban’s latest ills and reassured her: “Don’t worry. Something good is going to come. Besides, you have a protective angel.”

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Belén has extended her conversation with the mediums during a break and was especially affected when she returned, since this “protector” was her father: “He gave me a message from my father”, he said through tears. Of course, she did not want to reveal what that message was: “It is something personal, but I tell you that it is true.”

Francisco passed away in 2006 after several battles against cancer. Father and daughter were very close and the loss of him was a severe setback for Belén, who often remembers him on social networks: “You are always by our side. We love you very much.”