Belén Esteban destroys Jesulín: “With so much filter on the cover I don't know if it was him or Jon Kortajarena”

Belen Esteban has already responded to the exclusive Jesulín de Ubriquein which the right-hander said: “I think I am a good father. A father who is there when my children need me. And I will always be there. I give my life for my children. That is clearer than water to me”.

The people's princess spoke about it at the event that Netflix held this Thursday, February 1, to present its news for 2024: “What do you want to ask me about Jesulín?”, he said, anticipating the questions. And she continued with a message for him, very ironic: “He is gorgeous, better than when he was with me, and I'm glad that life is going so happily for him. I'm very happy that he behaves so well with all his children. A kiss for you and for Campanario.”Andrea Janeiro's mother pointed out with a smile.

However, they asked her if Jesulín was referring to “all” her children, and she emphasized: “Not with everyone, what the hell. I'm very ironic, darling”. Regarding the right-hander's words saying that he “is there” when his children “need” him, Belén blurted out: “I pass my word, I am with Antena 3, I am not with Mediaset, I pass my word”.

The former collaborator of Save me sentenced with a devastating blow in which he criticized the bullfighter's cover in Hola: “I understand that he sells whatever he wants, it is his right and I am not going to criticize him, but when I saw the cover I don't know if it was Jon Kortajarena or Jesulín de Ubrique with so much filter he had”.

María José Campanario's husband gave an interview to his leading magazine and left some words that did not please Belén, no matter how ironic she appears in front of the cameras. The former Telecinco star collaborator has always maintained that he has not been up to par as a father and has explained that, today, the one who acts as Andrea's father – who lives, trains and works in the United States – is Miguel Marcos, her husband. As we said, a few weeks ago it exploded over some words from Julia Janeiro for the bullfighter's birthday and there are those who say on television that Jesulín and company now feel more free to speak because they know that Belén is not going to explode from Telecinco.