Belén Esteban confirms her withdrawal from television: “When ‘Save me’ ends, I’ll finish it”

On the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the program, which is celebrated this Thursday, April 27, collaborators are especially sensitive. Especially when they remember Mila Ximenezwho left us forever that fateful June 23, 2021 when lung cancer ended his life.

bethlehem esteban, after a quarter of a century of public exposure, is another of the most emblematic collaborators of the afternoon space and has been part of its staff since the first day it was broadcast. The people’s princess plans to retire from television when Save me finish, as he has already confirmed in the occasional interview in recent months: “When I finish ‘Save me’, I will finish,” he reiterated this Wednesday.

The collaborator, after a stage of four years in Ana Rosa’s program, signed for La Fábrica de la Tele fourteen years ago. The program, as she herself has confessed, changed her life in every way, because thanks to Jorge Javier Vazquez and the space makers came out of drug hell.

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“My bosses and Jorge took me by the hand and took me to the best doctor in all of Spain. I will be eternally grateful. They helped me and I did not disappoint them,” she recalls. In a recent interview with The world, Belén even acknowledged could have died. “Yes, yes. I am diabetic and of course I could have died. What happens is that I must have someone up there who loves me very much and has not left me.”

In Save me He has lived through good times, but also bad times. In April of last year, she suffered a fall for which she had to undergo surgery on the tibia and fibula. She even resorted to psychological help to get out of the mental rut into which she fell as a result of this health problem. But without a doubt, the worst episode of all was Mila’s illness and death, whom the collaborators do not forget and continue to remember at such special moments as the program’s anniversary. Perhaps it is the last, since the audiences do not finish accompanying and Mediaset has implemented measures such as the new Code of Ethics to try to overcome the results of its grid.