Belén Esteban causes a fight on RTVE between the president and her number 2: they were closed to hiring her

Jose Pablo Lopez had closed the hiring of Belen Esteban to be part of the jury of the new dance program on La 1 but this Friday, Elena Sánchez, interim president of RTVE, has vetoed the hiring of the Princess of the People, who was “closed” by her number two, after several weeks of negotiations between the director of Contents of the public Corporation and the former Jesulín de Ubrique.

TVE sources consulted by Informalia They agree that the disagreement between the head of RTVE and her deputy was due to the fact that José Pablo not only “had insisted” on hiring “another face from the extinct Sálvame” (after Terelu Campos y Lydia Lozano) but that she had made the decision without consulting her boss.

Everything was ready for Belén Esteban to land on TVE, but her signing was not closed until this Friday. Immediately afterwards, the operation was aborted by the head of the public channel.

The attempted hiring of Belén Esteban has caused a tsunami between the director of General Content of RTVE and the president. José Pablo had agreed to his participation as a jury in the new prime time competition Dance as You Can, which will be presented by Anne Igartiburu.

Belen Esteban I was going to be next to Norma Duval y Beatriz Luengo, but everything has gone to waste and that “the contract was already on the table” and “ready to be closed.” The issue has caused a tremendous discussion between José Pablo López and Elena Sánchez, interim president of the RTVE Board of Directors, who has vetoed what she considers an “inconvenient” and “inopportune” decision.

José Pablo López, firm defender of 'saving' TVE: Terelu Campos, Rocío Carrasco, Lydia Lozano or Belén Esteban, on the public channel?

Elena Sánchez, who occupies her position on an interim basis, is waiting to be confirmed in the position since the constitution of the new Parliament, the change of Government, and the consequent renewal of the Board of Directors, where not everyone agrees in the convenience of spending public money to pay former guignoles expelled from Mediaset like the company itself Belén Esteban, Lydia Lozano or Terelu Campos, In addition to famous ones like Rocío Carrasco or Alba Carrillo, who will be with María Teresa Campos' daughter in Bake Off, another prime time on La 1.

José Pablo López, a firm defender of 'saving' the public channel, has negotiated for weeks with La Esteban about his incorporation. The thing has not been easy. Belén did not accept the figures that they put on the table, in addition to making many demands. But once an agreement was reached, everything had to be backed out. Before the moment of the final signature, José Pablo notified Elena Sánchez and she has categorically refused and rejected it outright.

Elena Sanchez It is not willing to allow RTVE to save itself any further, something that, on the other hand, is already happening. LateXou, on La 2, is presented by Marc Giró, under the direction of her husband, Santi Villas, and is supported in its production by Oscar Cornejo, former producer of Sálvame through the defunct La Fábrica de la Tele.

Of course, José Pablo has defended his agreement with Belén Esteban, but no understanding has been possible. Elena Sánchez has not given rise to the reply despite the fact that López insisted that it was a good asset to fight against the private company that she leads Alessandro Salem, that this same Saturday premieres another dance format in prime time, “much stronger” than the public one, according to an expert, Dancing with the stars. “For this reason, it would be important to have Belén Esteban's asset, and the La 1 option would be more competitive and at least have more options,” they tell us from TVE. Telecinco's talent is similar to that of the public, but with a bigger budget and more cachet.

The interim president does not want to risk new criticism for the media projection that Belén Esteban leaves behind no matter what she does. She does not want to risk her position and her prestige. She is very aware that Belén Esteban's entry into TVE would be described by public opinion and even by opposition parties as a true scandal, no matter how much Belén takes photos with the kings of Spain at parties like those of The reason.

All the faces that save the chain until now have been imposed by José Pablo López, as we have already said. The former president of Telemadrid has already fished out personnel from the Sálvame universe in the regional government. With La Fábrica de la Tele he produced The Strawberry Tree y Elephant footprints. Now, Óscar Cornejo and Adrián Madrid have broken pears (and apples) with Mediaset, which was their partner in La factory de la tele, the production company that has made them millionaires.

So much so that in recent months the hiring of Jorge Javier Vazquez to do an afternoon magazine show on La 1. Some conversations that have not borne fruit due to the financial outlay that it would mean for the Public to steal it from Mediaset. Jorge Javiez Vázquez has a contract with those from Fuencarral and after the setback of Little stories, They want to rehabilitate him and have him lead the new edition of Survivors.

After all this, it is not strange that some former Sálvame characters joke in a common chat that in spring they will all be on the Spanish Television sets. The trickle of faces that were on Telecinco afternoons has already begun and the trickle of contracts, too.