Belén Esteban believes that Ayuso is the black hand behind the end of ‘Save me’: “I will not vote for him again”

The decision of the Mediaset leadership to put an end to Save me After 14 years on the air, it continues to bring a tail. Although the official version is that everything is due to a strategy to renew the image with a more familiar television, bethlehem esteban has another theory.

Specifically, the one from Paracuellos believes that it is a political question rather than a business one. “All this is a political maneuver for the right to govern and I am very loyal to my company and an aunt who goes head-on,” were the words that Belén said to a person he trusted, according to what he publishes The country this Saturday.

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The aforementioned medium ensures that the princess of the people he even gave the name of the ‘black hand’ behind the show’s cancellation: Isabel Diaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid: “I am not going to vote for Ayuso again, I am clear about it”. These statements have been applauded by Jorge Javier Vazquez on Twitter: “What does Belén Esteban say that after all this she is not going to vote for Ayuso. No, if in the end there is a turnaround in the elections.”

It should be remembered that, as we count exclusivelysince February the journalist Sandra Fernandez is the director of Mediaset’s Communication Division department. Fernández then left the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, where she had been the General Director of Media for the Community of Madrid since 2020.