Begoña Villacís breaks down in tears after the end of Ciudadanos: “Unmitigated defeat”

begona villacis She has shown her face at the worst moment for Ciudadanos and has appeared tonight showing great courage and integrity, although she was seen with a contorted face, which reflected the extinction of her party not only in the Madrid City Council but practically at a national level. If we take into account the data obtained by the orange party in these elections municipal and autonomous, the party of Inés Arrimadas is dead.

The Ciudadanos candidate for mayor of Madrid was very affected in her speech to the media. “It’s been an unmitigated defeat,” she said. “It is the toughest speech of my life,” added a Villacís who at times could not hold back tears.

“If we think about reforms instead of insulting each other, we move forward as a society, I have defended that and I will do it all my life,” said the Ciudadanos candidate. “That Spain to which I aspire is more difficult, and what do you want me to say, instead of criticizing I am going to assume the results and the people of Madrid have spoken”, sentenced the ‘orange’ politician. “Being vice mayor of the city that I love is the greatest honor I have had in my entire life,” said an emotional Villacís. “We have transformed Madrid. They have been four wonderful years,” she said. Villacís wanted to thank her team: “The campaign with the worst results is the one that makes me feel most proud,” she said.

Villacís was able to be mayor four years ago, when the PSOE offered her to govern the city council if Ciudadanos handed over the Community of Madrid to Gabilondo, who was the winner of the elections ahead of Ayuso. But she did not accept and she preferred to be vice mayor in coalition with Martínez Almeida.

Begoña Villacís was until now the most visible political figure of a party in collapse since the 2019 general elections. Villacís set himself the goal of maintaining his seat at the end of February, when he was about to switch to the PP. Villacís, a 45-year-old lawyer, and candidate for the third time for mayor of Madrid – will remain acting vice mayor until June 16. Her failure, very predictable, has exceeded the 80,000 votes needed to reach the 5% threshold that automatically grants three councilors in the Cibeles palace. Ciudadanos has sunk in the capital as in all of Spain. In Madrid he obtained 311,617 votes four years ago, 11 councilors and almost 20% of the votes, and this time it has not exceeded 38,000.

Personally, the vice mayor maintains a relationship, they say that with ups and downs, with the journalist Rubén Amón. She is the mother of three daughters, she is divorced from Antonio Suárez Valdés, also a lawyer, father of her three girls.