Begoña Villacís and the heartbreaking farewell letter to her brother Borja: “I have left flowers on the El Pardo road but I can’t…”

About a week after the tragic murder of Borja Villacisshot by a gang of drug traffickers on the El Pardo highway, his sister, Begoña, has shared an open-hearted letter to say goodbye to the one she called ‘My child’. The former vice mayor, who was the oldest of the three siblings, still can’t believe what happened: “Every time someone asked me how I faced some adversity, I answered calmly that life had not yet touched me. Until last Tuesday , on Tuesday life finally touched me, it crossed me for five days and it is still just as unreal.”

Through a long text shared on social networks, Martínez Almeida’s former right-hand woman in Madrid thanks the love she receives daily not only from friends and family, but also from anonymous people who comfort her on the street: “Every hug spontaneous message that I receive on the street confirms. ‘I don’t want to disturb’, you begin by telling me. You don’t do it, it is so comforting that someone stops to convey their sorrow and affection to me, it moves and overcomes my disbelief. “My head hurts from crying and clenching my teeth so much.” She also assures that she has stayed away from information in the media all these days: “I haven’t wanted to read a single piece of news, people who love me tell me not to do it, that it won’t do me any good. “Perhaps you understand now why I have such an intense and visceral aversion to extremes, it comes from afar.”

Begoña remembers her brother Borja and the moment when she told her parents what had happened: “Borja will always be my little brother, and I will always be his older sister. The one who took care of him the best she knew how, along with the best parents one can have, and who always wanted to compensate with heartfelt gestures, big hugs and affectionate kisses. He was not one of those boys who did not know how to express.”remember. “Sometimes I played the big brother. And sometimes I came back and other times I left, but I always felt his unconditional love, I would never have allowed myself to have to ask our parents to sit down one morning, because I had something to say to them on the worst day. of our lives”.

The family, devastated by what happened, wanted to live these difficult days in privacy: “We did not want to share our grief, only his family was there. Thank you for still being present. In the face of pain we get rid of clothes, we stay as we are. The same compassion in a message from good people from the PP and the PSOE, the same desire to console written by a VOX official who will pray for my brother (thank you), as in a beautiful message from another from Más Madrid, the same desire to comfort. To all, you will always have a grateful family here. The truth is, I have a lot to be grateful for, thousands of messages that I will be answering, people who conspire to help a devastated family: professional police officers, hard-working and professional but sensitive and human.” Begoña also appreciates the support of her closest circle. and reveals that, six days after what happened, everyone is still in shock: “To my friends and to those who have truly known how to accompany me, with silences more precise than many words. To my family, who will never be the same, who is forever broken. To my parents who have buried a son, my brother.”

Finally, Begoña reveals that this Monday she visited the exact point where her brother lost his life to send him one last kiss: “Today I leave these flowers on the Pardo highway. There are more flowers, Rebeca’s, other friends’, and I can’t, I really still can’t believe that I’m not going to see him again. My child. DE P “.

Begoña’s heartbreaking letter has received thousands of comments, including words of affection from people as well-known as Mar Flores (“A huge hug”), Paula Echevarría (“All my love for you friend. Strength”) or Tomás Páramo (” I hug you very tightly, Begoña.