Begoña Gómez and Macarena Olona, ​​opposite poles in the Hannibal Laguna fashion show

Pedro Sánchez’s wife and the former Vox politician share a taste for fashion and this Wednesday they coincided in the parade of Hannibal Laguna. The Venezuelan designer presented his new Atelier Couture bridal fashion collection at the Palacio de Santoña in Madrid and Begoña Gomez y Macarena People they monopolized all the spotlights in the front-row.

In the political antipodes, they did not coincide in style for the occasion either. The first lady chose a khaki green knitted midi dress and a white crochet jacket. Begoña completed the outfit with white ankle boots.

Olona, ​​for her part, opted for the always elegant and sophisticated black with two pieces: a plain and simple sweater with a satin skirt that included a beaded belt.

Abascal’s ex has also starred in one of the most emotional moments of the parade when she was reunited with her former partner Mireia Borras, with whom he has melted into an affectionate embrace. The Vox deputy has risked much more in her outfit, with a two-tone skirt, a blouse with transparent sleeves and leather gloves.