Beatriz Cortázar and her weekly review of current events: Victoria Federica angers her aunt Infanta Cristina

Except for Anabel Pantoja’s hype, which has already begun to pay off and is only four months old, the week of the heart, as far as coated paper is concerned, does not come loaded with Kinder surprises but with pre-summer separations, which is something that It usually happens around these dates. Two couples who break up and Hola Laura Sánchez-David Ascanio and María José Suárez and Muñoz Escassi tell it. The former speak of a lot of affection and little friction (parallel agendas) and the latter of a lot of friction (they have only been separated for fifteen days) and the need to spend more time with the family. They are apparently bearable crises with the possibility of going back, so we leave the headlines in quarantine until we see what happens these weeks and I almost also overlook the image of the king emeritus in Hola raised his fist like a passionate football fan and accompanied by his grandson Froilán.

It’s funny how the media friends of Mrs. Elena and Marichalar’s son try to describe him as a responsible boy who “is even going to resume his university studies” and “start a new job in Abu Dhabi” where he lives after leaving Spain after too many scandalous headlines. Grandfather and grandson celebrated Real Madrid’s victory, but not before (the grandson) passed through Las Ventas, Ibiza and the Amazónico (restaurant for soccer players and permanently tanned ladies), at least Felipe Juan Froilán from Todos los Santos, of whom they highlight that in addition ” has lost ten kilos” in this descriptive massage.

Anyway, there are headlines that I prefer to ignore. That’s what I was doing until I saw an image of Victoria Federica congratulating her cousin Irene Urdangarin on her Instagram (287,000 followers) to the annoyance of Infanta Cristina who, they tell me, calls some related media so that they don’t talk about her daughter and doesn’t. They turn her into a character in daily gossip. Vicky Fede loves her cousin very much and although she is in Scotland with her father on a Dior issue (Marichalar still has a relationship with the LVMH group) she hangs up on that congratulations and alarm bells go off. It rains in the wet since Week She also pulls Irene to ensure that she has already introduced her boyfriend (a brother-in-law of Mayor Almeida) to her family and I fear that Cristina will lose the desire to return to Spain if she wants her daughter to remain anonymous.

By the way, the war that Tamara Falcó has waged against the mayor of Madrid, whom she blames for the fact that the sidewalk of her husband’s restaurant is full of garbage, is not in magazines but in groups. The residents of the Salesas neighborhood are crying because they cannot walk down that sidewalk without colliding with the overflowing buckets and the controversy is already in the street. Since Iñigo Onieva does not want to appear in the press (on the night of the awards Elle refused to pose on the red carpet with his wife and mother-in-law Isabel Preysler) it is Tamara who stands up and takes responsibility away from the Marquis of Griñón consort. Tamara not only defends him but even dedicated a few words to him when collecting his trophy from his mother and before the eyes of more than three hundred guests that Benedetta Poletti (director of the magazine) gathered with the actress Susan Sarandon at the front of the cast. The 77-year-old actress took the opportunity to spend a few days in Madrid and take in museums and shopping in addition to receiving a tribute at the Film Academy.

In the Elle He shared a table with the director Pedro Almodóvar, who confessed to me that he had called him that same day to present him the award. “As soon as they asked me to come to be with Susan, I accepted. I didn’t hesitate for a moment,” he told me, and it’s hard for him to leave the house, let alone attend social events. Enigmatic and without wanting to value the interview of her ex Carlo Constanzia on Telecinco, Mar Flores stepped on that carpet with her niece Laura Matamoros and other influencers. Days before, the architect Joaquín Torres had received the lawsuit filed against him for the statements he made in Public mirrorwhere he called her a courtesan and now they will face each other in court as he asks her for 15,000 euros as compensation.

Torres does not hide the animosity that Mar produces, whom she accuses of lying when she commented that Fernández Tapias spoke with her until some time before she died, and she also does not hide the affection and friendship that unites her with Nuria González, the shipowner’s widow. Mar’s lawsuit is another problem that he will have to manage with his lawyer but not enough reason to ruin the party he gave on Friday to celebrate the return to normality in terms of health after spending some truly horrible months and with unbearable pain. Torres invited his best friends to dance and move their hips in a nod to his last operation at the hands of Dr. Villamor, one of the golden bachelors of the moment.

A fun and spectacular party was also given this week by the Trapotes, Pedro and Begoña, at their home in the Jardines de Oñate (Aranjuez) where they gathered friends and bullfighters after experiencing how the bullfighter Juan Ortega gave them the second of his bulls in the San Fernando bullfight. That day Ortega, the one with the stampede on his wedding day, dressed at the Trapote house and there he returned with the ear that he cut off in the ring to celebrate his success with Juli who also succeeded with his livestock. . There was no shortage of regulars at the tables, Judge Santiago Pedraz with his wife Elena Hormigos; José Luis López El Turronero, Iván Espinosa with Rocío Monasterio, María Ángeles Grajal without Pepe Gandía, Victoria Federica with her friends, Juan Palacios, the right-handed Gitanillo from Colombia with his wife and, of course, El Soro with his wife Eva, who also That afternoon he brought out the trumpet in the ring as he has been doing in recent months.

Image: Beatriz Cortazar

Without leaving his instrument, El Soro even played several songs for us at dinner and returning to music and recovering his youth when he played in his town’s band has been the best thing that has happened to him. Of course, for the patience of his neighbors who have experienced how he has taken up his musical hobby as Eva herself tells with amusement. Music was also the call that was held at the Jimmy’s nightclub to present the new album by the group A Dos Velas, It’s worth coming back. I shared a table with Juan Peña who never stops performing at parties and weddings (the next one is at the communion of José Hidalgo’s granddaughter) and with José Toledo who is spectacular. Carmen Lomana arrived without wanting to talk about Preysler (the controversy has not had the path she expected) and it is already known that two do not argue if one does not want to.